9 Types of Guys You Meet In A Bar

Ladies, we spend hours to get ready and go to the club expecting to have a good time. Clubs and pubs are an all-time place to pick up girls, and hence we’re approached by all kinds of guys! Most of them give us an amusing experience worth telling our ‘Squad’.

1. The Cheesy guy:

“What does it feel like to be one of the most beautiful girl in the room?”
As much as we love compliments, we know that you’ve been using this line on every girl you meet. These guys walk up with the most-clichéd lines and expect them to work.

2. The Drunk guy:

These kind of guys have had too much to drink and keep toppling over everywhere. They might be drinking hoping to gather some courage to approach a girl, but it ends up working for only few of them.

3. The Hot guy:

Be it the foreigner, or the guy standing in the corner, there is at least one eye candy all the girls cannot get enough of. These HOT guys mostly walk in with their girlfriends or their group of friends, basically=Unavailable!

4. Guys who walk in packs:

These guys always come in together and stick together. One of them approaches one of the girls who’s with her friends, once he’s in the circle, and dancing with the girl and her friends, his friends smoothly swoop in and join them.

5. The Loner:

The guy who’s standing in a corner and drinking by himself just scanning the room or staring at someone. Just looking, no approaching. These are the guys you find creepy and avoid, or end up feeling bad for because they have a face that says “I’m sad, please come talk to me!”

6. The Rich guy:

Mostly surrounded by girls, this guy is always found in VIP areas buying girls expensive drinks and on the lookout for a new prey. He seems to have a flashy lifestyle and makes sure everyone knows how large his wallet is.

7. The Horny guy:

Desperate? Yes! He has only one motive and that is to get laid, and he will do anything to achieve it.

8. The Old Guy:

The one guy who’s guaranteed to fail landing up a girl. He knows he’s out of his comfort zone and tries to fit in by using the hipster language and dressing up younger than his age.

9. The Charmer:

This guy might not be the most good looking guy in the club, but he knows what to say when. Such guys dazzle you with their charismatic personality and charm you with stimulating conversations!

So guys, please take note, if you fall under any of the categories mentioned above(except for #9), we’ve done our research, and we ain’t falling for you! 😛

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