Are You On The Highway To A HEART ATTACK?

I’m on the highway to hell…..

Well, you might not to be on your way to hell, but you surely are heading towards a heart attack if you follow any of these habits. It may be your mood, sleeping schedule or even your surroundings. The little things that you need to be kept a check on, these littlest things make a huge difference, and in this case, can definitely put your life in danger. If you notice any of these signs similar to your behavior or lifestyle, you need to make serious changes and that too ASAP. 

1)    Sleeping for less than 6 hours 

With our fast-paced life, we tend to work more hours than spending it in taking care of ourselves. Sleep is as essential as food for the body. Many adults and well now, even young adults struggle to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, and that is leading them to their death beds. We don’t realize it, but as our health start deteriorating, our bodies fail to function properly and it’s only then that we start taking care of ourselves. 

2)    Getting cranky or angry over little things

Turning into a Hulk is cool only in movies, having fiery emotions in real life can drastically increase your risk for a heart attack. Researchers at the University of Australia questioned 313 patients who had suffered suspected heart attacks about their anger levels before the onset of symptoms. They found that patients were 8.5 times more likely to have a heart attack in the two hours following an intense outburst of anger, defined as “very angry, body tense, clenching fists or teeth.” The more often you’re angry, the higher your chances for a heart attack.

3)    Living in a smoggy area

Smog doesn’t just give you breathing problems, lung diseases or bad hair, it is just as bad for your heart as well. Exposure to such air leads up to heart attack symptoms. Even the small combustion particles that come from fuel burning and vehicle emissions are equally dangerous to your health. 

4)    You live in an area with extreme temperatures

Studies show that both extreme cold and extreme heat can put people at risk for heart attacks. Abrupt temperature swings also may be bad for your health. Cardiology researchers in Michigan recently linked extreme day-to-day changes in temperatures to a significant increase in heart attacks, a finding that raises the disturbing possibility of yet another harmful effect of our warming planet on human health. 

5)    Your mother had a heart attack

Or it was your father, either of your grandparents, siblings. No matter which relative, heart disease and risk factors for heart disease are strongly linked to family history. There are at least 67 sites in the DNA sequence, or variants that can increase your risk of a heart attack, each of these variants raises the relative risk of cardiovascular disease by about 10%. But if you have a number of them, it adds up. The good news is, having a family history of heart attacks don’t guarantee you will have one. Actively maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lower your overall risk.

Though, we don’t guarantee that having a healthy heart leads to heaven 😛

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