TBD Pet Love: Tips To Deal With An Extra Naughty Dog

Yes, we know that you’re head over heels in love with your adorable new pooch. But be very sure of one thing; once the initial excitement of being a proud pet-owner dies, your impish dog will become a cause of worry. After all, who wants to come back home after a tiring day at work, just to see tattered sofa covers and wet floors!

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Super naughty dogs can become a pain, especially if you leave them alone. So today, we’re going to list down ways to deal with a naughty dog and keep them out of trouble 🙂

– It’s super important to pay attention to how you’re training your dog. Rewarding your pet for a good action and scolding him for a bad one is essential during the initial training; that’s how your dog will learn what he’s supposed to and not supposed to do. Owners usually punish their pet for a wrong action but don’t treat him for a good one; that’s when a dog doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.
– Taking the above step further, you could stuff his chew toys with his favourite treats. After a few times, he will automatically know that it’s better to chew on his toys instead of the sofa leg. The trick here is to not force him, but to lead him into making the right choice 🙂

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– Training experts say that burning the excess energy of your hyperactive four-legged buddy is important. Before you head out each day, ensure that you take your dog for a walk or a run to release its pent up energy. Otherwise, it may attack the things that it shouldn’t when you leave it in closed doors for a long time.
– Keep your dog busy with a variety of toys and balls; this curbs the chance of doggy-destruction by a huge margin.
– If you’re pissed with the frequent pits dug up in your otherwise well-maintained garden, here’s the solution. Create a special digging pit for your pet and fill it with sand, dirt, treats, chewy bones, and his favourite toys. After a few days, he will innately know which the permissible area to dig is. The result – Your dog is busy!

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We’re pretty sure that these dog-training tips will help you in changing the behavioural pattern of your adorable but naughty pet.

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