Tips to keep your kitchen healthy and clean

Ants, mouldy residue, dirty sink, dirty stove, and dirty food cabinets are some of the ways in which your kitchen can seem ugly. Usually, unless you have enough time on your hands, keeping your kitchen clean is not on the top of your agenda for the day. However, kitchen cleanliness is of utmost importance as it is the same place where your food comes from. Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen clean and protect against the following problems:

Let keeping your kitchen clean be at the top of your agenda


Ants can be a severe menace in your kitchen and they can infest the place if not taken care of in time. Usually, a solution of boric acid and water works like magic. Mix a tablespoon of boric acid powder in a cup of water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the trail of ants, along skirtings and even in the corners of kitchen cabinets.

Spoiling food

If you aren’t used to keeping your food in the fridge all the time, don’t forget that food gets spoilt faster in the summer than in the winter thanks to the excess heat. Hence, it is important to keep your kitchen cool. Opt for a window covering that prevents harsh sunlight from coming in the house.


Usually, you are not required to change your trash-can linen every day; but in the summer, leftover food tends to rot faster. If you don’t change your trash-can linen, it can leave your kitchen with a foul odour.


Dusting of all the kitchen appliances is one more necessary job. Your refrigerator, microwave, food cabinets and your gas stove are places you must keep dust and grease free as this can be a harbour for bacteria.


The kitchen platform can develop mouldy residue if not cleaned well. Therefore, it is important to give it a wash before you turn off the lights each night.

Clean the kitchen platform

Make sure you do all you can in your space of time and effort to keep your kitchen clean. Do not overlook this as it is imperative for healthy and clean food, and it lowers the risk of any disease.

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