Love kills and this is true not just for humans. The canine child in your family can also be a victim of the overdose of your love. So, since you love your pet way too much, here are 3 ways how your love is killing your dog.


Long walks tire your pet canine and can prove dangerous to its health.

Your pet does seem all happy and on top of the world, the minute it’s time for his leisure walks. You know he can barely suppress a grin, neither can you. But does it ever happen that you almost forget how long you and your dog have been out, playing, running? The happiness you see on your dog’s face may have died by now due to the overexertion he had. This may lead to heart stroke and other breathing problems.

Stealthy Over-Feeding

Over-feeding your pet leads to them contracting diseases like diabetes.

We all love our dogs. Oh yes, we do! And a result of all the love, we do whatever our dogs like, even if that means having to stealthily over-feed him. It may not be necessary to feed your dog several meals per day. Over-feeding your canine friend is not only sinful but can also be fatally grave to its health. But if your pet demands food ever so often, it is advisable to consult your vet. So the next time he stands waiting with those innocent puppy eyes, give him a pat on his head and distract him with a game or a walk.

Giving in to the Drooling Dog

Never give in to that drooling puppy face.

He watches you with his nose up as you munch on a packet of chips or lick away that ice-cream candy. You are enjoying it and so is your drooling pet. But here comes the warning – DO NOT give in to that drooling innocent face. Lot many things that are edible for humans work as poison for your pet darling. So, chocolate, raisins and grapes, onions and garlic, caffeine, alcohol, milk, etc. are all foods that are bad for your dog’s health. So, keep your dog away from them.

If you have been showering your love on your furry friend in any of the manners as listed above, stop them right away. You are not only disrupting his discipline, but also posing a danger to his life.