College is a world of its own. It has its own laws, its favourites, and its own culture to say the least. Perhaps the biggest benefit of being part of college life is the endless cycle of dating that goes on. Truth be told, there will never be a time in your life where you’ll meet so many people and have a chance to put your dating skills to the test. As a guy you’d want to maximize the chances of getting a good girlfriend. So, cash in on these chances by learning these college dating tips.

1. There’s No Need To Panic

Panic isn’t cool. In case you don’t have a girlfriend in college, no problem. Stay calm. There’s always time to get one. Build a diverse group of friendships and be confident about yourself. Remember, freaking out only makes the situation worse. Plus, who would want to be in the company of a guy who is low on confidence and doubts his very existence.

2. Think Different

You’ll usually meet many people in college, some similar in nature, some different. If you were to ask me, always follow the advice “similarity breeds contempt”. You don’t exactly want to date a shadow self. Try to find new experiences and new people who’ll give you new moments to savour. Of course, the difference can’t be as profound as chalk and cheese, but the right mixture of similarities and differences can be the perfect foil for a budding love story.

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3. Do Something Together

Find a common goal or interest and get things in motion. Investing time in such an activity can strengthen the bond that you two share, and yeah, sparks can fly. If you don’t believe me, then ask the scientists that have been working their butt off in labs to prove this phenomenon.

4. Authenticity Is Always Appreciated

Ever come across a person in life who believes in the theory “fake it till you make it”? Well, guess what, girls have a sense for the real and the fake much more than guys do. Eventually, they will be able to see through you. So, it’s always preferable to be your natural self. Of course, it doesn’t mean you act like a moron.

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5. Add A Cool Quotient

Now, by this I don’t really mean changing what you truly are. Just keep a tab of the latest trends, dress up appropriately, and improve yourself in every way possible. Girls love a guy who takes good care of his appearance. This way, you can be cool and also impress the chicks.

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Now that your dating tips are in place, go ahead and play the field. And don’t forget what Darwin stated “Survival of the fittest.”

There is never a shortcut to pampering your girlfriend. Pampering her can’t be bought with a diamond ring or moving into a new house. Pampering a woman doesn’t come cheap nor is it too expensive. All that you have to do is show the effort you put to make her happy and she will instantly feel pampered. In order to touch her heart you don’t need money, all that is needed is effort. If you think that a modern day woman doesn’t need silly pampering, then my friend, you are mistaken. It’s the simple things in life that matter the most to them. Every woman needs to feel special and taken care of. Keeping that in mind, here are 6 ways how you can pamper your girlfriend.

Give Her A Relaxing Head massage:

Giving your special girl a head massage is one of the most uncommon ways to pamper her, but this is one thing that will hit her soft spot. When she returns home tired from work, offer to give her a head massage using exotic oils. To set the ambience use a lot of scented candles as it gives a soothing and calm vibe. With this beauty therapy, you are hitting two targets with one arrow.

Make A Special Meal:

Women are always considered to be the cooks in the house. For once it’s good to step out of the traditional role and take over the kitchen for her. I know you’ll make her the best dish, after all the best chefs in the world are men! Cook a dish that she used to love as a kid, it will give her a feeling of nostalgia and she will appreciate the fact that you know her likings with food.

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Give Her A Foot Massage:

Women love high heels and high heels give them sore feet. You cannot talk her out of wearing heels but you can definitely give her a relaxing foot massage when she complains of aching feet. It will make her feel comfortable and also turn her on. It is the best way to improve your intimacy.

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Bubble Bath:

Make a special bubble bath for her

A nice warm bubble bath for your girl is something she will really love. If you really want to set the mood play some romantic music, it’s a perfect blend. Don’t forget to wait outside the bathroom with a warm fluffy towel.

Show Her How Much You Love Her:

One thing that most women love is surprises. You could give her surprise hugs and kisses. Don’t know how you do it? If your girlfriend is sitting at the dining table or on the sofa, come up behind her and give her a kiss on the neck or a nice bear hug around her love handles. Women are suckers for such things and if you plan to go the extra mile, half your work will already be done 😉

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Gifts Customized By You:

Customize gifts for her

You can give her gifts but they will please her only if she feels that you have put your heart into it. The gift need not be expensive but it has to be customized to her needs to make it worth anything. For example you can give her a picture collage of all your special moments together. Don’t try to give her things she needs (a treadmill or vacuum cleaner), give her things she wants.

Every girl deserves to be pampered time and time again. Have you pampered your girl lately? What are you waiting for? Go and give her the pampering she deserves.

The popular belief is that all men prefer to date women who look like supermodels, but this isn’t true, right boys? You would always look for a girl who is genuinely nice and normal, wouldn’t you? A word of advice to the guys before you get into a relationship with a girl. Get to know her very well, know what her strengths and weaknesses are. She could be something totally different at first, but the moment you guys start dating, her true colours begin to show. On that thought, here are some types of women that generally men are scared of dating.

The Wacko:

 All men fear the Wacko

All men fear her. Not many have dated her because she is pure maniacal crazy. If a man breaks up with the wacko, all hell is gonna break loose. She can change from that sweet lovey dovey girl into a cold blooded maniac just in the blink of an eye. Trust me a wacko is like an escaped mental patient with a deranged mind.

The Gold Digger:

 The character Kusum in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 was a clear gold-digger!

This is a girl who only preys on guys who have a lot of money. She will expect you to take her out shopping almost every weekend to all the fancy designer boutiques. She just waits for the right opportunity to make unnecessary use of your credit card. When she wants to buy something expensive, she will always beat around the bush and wait for you to buy it for her. In her life, everything is money, money, money.

The Insecure One:

This type of girl will scan through all your social media accounts and your phone just to make sure that you don’t have any pictures with girls. If she happens to stumble upon such a picture, then god help you. She will ensure you are not in touch with your ex anymore. If you’re on a date with her, and she notices you even looking at a girl, be rest assured you’re going to spend the remaining evening convincing her that it was just a cursory glance.

The Master:

Have you ever been treated like a slave? Well, this girl has the capabilities of doing it and you’ll be too scared to say anything. She will sweet talk you into holding her shopping bags and if you refuse, be prepared for endless calls to pacify her over the next few days. Whenever she needs to run errands, she’ll call you for a ‘date’ that involves running around the town completing her work. For her, you are a driver, a bell boy and a coolie.

Cheeku in PKP2 was worse – a combination of Insecure and Master!

The Nagger:

This girl can make you go deaf in an instant with her constant nagging and complaining. Boys, think 100 times before you do or say something because if she doesn’t like it then it’s time to buy a packet of cotton balls. Shove them into your ears discreetly to block the noise.

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The Clingy Girl:

This is the kind of girl who sticks to you like a rash on your body. She won’t give you any space to breathe. She will constantly bombard you with calls at odd hours of the night. The worst part is she will message you late at night asking “What are you doing?” Playing football, duh!

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The Destroyer:

The destroyer is a very dangerous species, even the Hulk calms down in front of her wrath and anger. Even a small disagreement can trigger her rage and she will be unstoppable after that. Trust me guys, it’s a duck and cover situation. Soon, things like laptop, vase and drinking glasses will be flying around the house.

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The Train Wreck:

This girl is an absolute mess and is like a magnet that attracts all the problems. Daddy issues, trust issues, control issues, etc are some things that govern her life. It almost seems like there is an emotional buffet and she fills her plate with a little bit of everything that can make her or anyone into a complete lunatic.  This girl can go to lengths of ruining your image on social media by saying that you’re impotent just because you received a text from another girl.

So boys, please beware before you start dating any random girl who made you fall in love with her at the first instance. This will help you avoid a bumpy ride in love. All the best 🙂

Boners are useful only in a few selected places like the bedroom or the bathroom. It can be a bit of a problem when your wand rises in the public. This has happened to most of the guys at some point or the other. It is both embarrassing and difficult to get rid of it when you’re out in public. Here are a few simple tricks that can help you get rid of your rising jimmy in a subtle manner. But, make sure while you’re using these tricks, you do not make it obvious or make any sudden moves that bring attention to your business.

Do The Math

One of the best ways to get rid of an awkward boner is to distract yourself. Now you can either think of your male best friend bending down to pick up files in a mini skirt. But, just so you don’t lose your sleep at night just by the mere thought of meeting your best friend, start solving math problems in your head. This trick will help your boner to die out with ease.

Cover It Up

Use a larger object like a book or a backpack to hide it. Physical barriers usually make it easier for a person to walk away with it. Make sure you cover your little friend up with subtlety.

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Sit Down

In a situation like this, sit down and lean in so your shirt covers your crotch. You can cover it up to pretend that you’re looking for something in your bag pack and wait for the erection to go away.

Put Those Hands In The Pocket

The oldest and the easiest way is to put your hands in the pocket and without making it obvious, try to pin your wand to your thigh. You can also pin it to your lower abdomen, but be careful, you don’t want your thingy to be peeping from the hem of your jeans. Also, when you put your hands in the pocket, it will bring your jeans to the same height as your sensitive area hence saving you from the embarrassment.

Walk It Off

Pin your erection in your palms successfully while your hands are in your pocket and then take a walk. Make an excuse if you’re in a group of people. Taking a walk will not only help you adjust your pants but will also help the blood flow to move to your arms and legs.

Cool It Down

Put a cold object like a water bottle or some juice on your thigh. It will help the blood to flow out of your risky region and your erection will soon be gone.

While you’re using these tricks in public to avoid coming off as a pervert to others, make sure you keep reminding yourself that you’re in a non-sexual situation and once you are done convincing yourself, half of your problem will be solved there.

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Taking care of a pregnant partner is not an easy job. With a lot of excitement, come a hell lot of responsibilities. There are certain things that your partner is expecting you to do while she’s carrying your baby. Nothing fancy, but once in a while they work too; just some regular stuff from your side to make her feel special and appreciated. Now, if you’re wondering what your role in pregnancy is, The Brunette Diaries is telling you exactly what you should be doing.

Accompany Her To The Doctor

No matter how many times you have to, accompany her to the doctor every single time! This is the least you can do to show you’re totally in for the whole parenting thing. When at the doctor’s, get all your queries answered, no matter how silly they sound. It’s better to sound silly for a few moments rather than being clueless about something so important.

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Whenever your wife’s saying something, listen to her carefully. Note the points down if you have to. Be extra careful of what you say around her during this time. Once you anger her, you are in for a burst of various emotions. From anger to tears to laughter that’s uncalled for, you will have to see it all. Oh, and you can’t complain! J

Read A Few Books

Don’t just depend on the doctor to give you every detail. Do your homework and buy a few pregnancy books. You will not only get additional information, but she might also give you a bite of her large pizza!

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Massages Are Never A Bad Idea

Your partner will feel uncomfortable during her pregnancy. This will be evident, obviously. Particularly in her third trimester, your wife will need a few surprise massages that will not only calm her down but will also comfort her. A foot massage will help with the swelling and discomfort, a lower back and leg massage will get the blood circulation going. So, be a nice partner and give her a massage while you’re playing her favorite music in the background.

Be Patient

Things are going to get difficult during this time. There will be times when you will lose patience, but just remember that the reason behind her unreasonable behavior is her hormones. You have to be very patient when you’re dealing with your pregnant partner. Once you’re in it, you’re in for midnight food cravings, morning sickness, and of course, the mood swings!

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Try to make this experience a great one for your partner and yourself by following these tips! Happy pregnancy to both of you 🙂

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Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body. It is mainly produced in the testicles of men and makes them, well… men. It plays an important role in the production of sperm, libido, fat management, muscle strength, etc. However, its production rate decreases as men age.

Here are a few signs that indicate low testosterone in men.


Testosterone helps maintain the energy levels in your body. So, if you’re feeling really drained out by lunch time or you just don’t have the zeal to go through the rest of the day, there’s a possibility that your testosterone levels are low.

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Erectile Dysfunction

It doesn’t just help in stimulating the sex drive, but also helps in achieving an erection. Not technically, but it stimulates nitric oxide that helps trigger an erection. So, if you don’t have spontaneous erections while asleep or it is difficult to get your wand up, it’s because of the low testosterone.

Low Semen Volume

Semen is the white liquid that aids the motility of sperms. Low testosterone levels usually lead to low semen volume. Basically, the more testosterone a man has, the more semen he tends to produce.

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Difficulty In Falling Asleep

Low testosterone levels generally cause insomnia and sleep apnea. Even though it is not obstructive sleep apnea, it causes lack of sleep to some level. The person tends to get irritated due to the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can also lead to high blood pressure, so you might wanna get a check-up done soon.

Hair Loss

Aging generally causes men to lose body and facial hair; balding itself is a very common trait of growing older in age. However, it’s not just the age factor that leads to balding and hair loss; it could also be the low T levels in your body.

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If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s best if you visit a doc and accelerate your sex life.

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When a couple begins with the entire family planning thing, usually only the women are told to eat healthy and take more care of themselves. What people fail to realise is that the men in the relationship also need to up their health game. We list tips that go a long way in improving sperm health, volume, and count. So, all you aspiring fathers… start taking notes right away.

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– A cup of low-fat yoghurt is one of the best sources of zinc. Spice it up a hint of chaat masala and enjoy a bowl after lunch or dinner every day.

– Can’t miss your mid-meal snack of boiled chickpeas? Now you have one more reason to love it!

– Ditch your fave drink for orange juice. And it’s not just the juice that’s nutritious; consuming the whole fruit will also take you a step forward towards fatherhood.

– We’d advise you to fall in love with your greens, at least until you become a father. Toss them into a salad or drink them up in the form of a smoothie, we leave that to you.

– Cashew nuts should be your snack love, since every 100 gms offers around 5.5 mg of zinc.

– Not only do the amino acids present in dark chocolate increase semen volume but they also improve the intensity of your orgasms. Need more reason?

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– Eggs are believed to prevent sperm cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, which may kill sperm. Time to bring out the egg-lover in you!

– Garlic contains a compound called allicin which improves blood flow to the male sexual organs, increasing sperm production and semen volume. Wives, keep this in mind!

Stop With These Habits

– Quit drugs, smoking, and alcohol. You don’t need any more reason to do it!

– High temperatures have a negative effect on the entire process of sperm production. So, give that relaxing hot shower a miss.

– Lastly, stay away from clothes that are too tight near the crotch. Also, opt for cotton instead of synthetic.

All set to become a daddy? 🙂

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Men have complained since the beginning of time about being friendzoned by the girl they like. Well, while their concern is not completely wrong, men completely miss out the amazing advantages they get in the process! Dudes, being friendzoned is not really bad for you! There’s a brilliant path lying ahead in front of you, and it’s high time you know why this is also a total win for you. The points I’m about to put forth will definitely change the way you’re gonna look at this. So, please read the whole thing before you come to kill me!

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When It’s A Sure No, You Can Move On!

In most cases, you keep pursuing because you don’t know what the scene is. If the ‘no’ from her is pretty obvious, you know it’s time to look at the other fish in the sea! Knowing that things are not gonna happen gives you a feeling of freedom and peace; so just hang in there, for there is some woman willing to take things ahead with someone like you!

Netflix And Chill – Literally

While you may have lost a prospect, you have gained a new girl best friend, boys. When you want to have a beer, watch a shady film and just laze around, she’s going to be the perfect company! There are a few things that are best shared with a friend from the opposite sex, and this woman, my friends, could be that buddy you need!

You’ve Got Yourself A Wing Woman!

She probably knows you well, and can also help you find a girl! If you both are close enough, you’ll even get to hang out with her gang and even hit on a couple of women, while she puts in a nice word out about you!

You Don’t Have To Fake It Anymore

Now that you know she’s not gonna be with you, you can stop faking that stuff you were doing to woo her! 😛 No more faking about liking that romantic comedy you hated, or even about liking that dish she likes! To put it in simple words, you finally get to be yourself without being judged.

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You’re Not Left Hanging

Guys, in spite of all your resentment or sadness, you’ve got to appreciate one thing – she made her feelings clear, instead of toying around with you. Such a person will always be honest with you and genuinely care about you, even though her feelings towards you may be platonic.

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So, if you’ve been friendzoned, stop sulking and be happy that you’ve got someone really amazing around you!

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All women love a guy who has a great personality and a beautiful heart, but at first glance it’s looks that attract. Girls judge guys within a fraction of second on the basis of how they look. While the list of things women like is actually long, different women have different preferences. Here is a list of things that most women find attractive in men!

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1. Facial Hair

A well kept beard can go a long way. From making you look dapper while wearing just a pair of denims and a basic t-shirt, to suave in a tux. Most of the women find guys with a beard tend to look mature and hence find it attractive. A good haircut is needed to compliment your beard. As much as women love man buns, messy Hair is a big NO!

2. Smile

Women like men who can smile, it shows that men have the potential to be expressive.

3. Eyes

These “windows to the soul” tell women whether or not a man laughs a lot, whether or not he’s kind or mean. And we all have our own favorite eye colors on the must-have ideal man list.

4. Smell

Men have no idea what a good perfume can do to women. Sport a good cologne and half your work is done.

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5. Walk

A lousy walk is such a big turn off. Women like men who walk with poise, who stand with a good body posture. Men who walk with a sense of authority tends to be a big turn on for women.

6. Physique

As much as women like looking at muscular guys, they prefer to be with guys whose body is proportionate to their height.

7. Dressing Sense

First impressions are everything and one of the things women find attractive is a man who can dress well. Guys can look good even in t-shirts, it’s how they carry themselves. They need to know what to wear when. You just need to look clean and comfortable.

8. Voice

Women love men with deeper voices. Research states that when asked to pick men based on just their voice, women chose the guy with a heavier voice as they associate it with strength and authority which they find attractive.

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