Men have complained since the beginning of time about being friendzoned by the girl they like. Well, while their concern is not completely wrong, men completely miss out the amazing advantages they get in the process! Dudes, being friendzoned is not really bad for you! There’s a brilliant path lying ahead in front of you, and it’s high time you know why this is also a total win for you. The points I’m about to put forth will definitely change the way you’re gonna look at this. So, please read the whole thing before you come to kill me!

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When It’s A Sure No, You Can Move On!

In most cases, you keep pursuing because you don’t know what the scene is. If the ‘no’ from her is pretty obvious, you know it’s time to look at the other fish in the sea! Knowing that things are not gonna happen gives you a feeling of freedom and peace; so just hang in there, for there is some woman willing to take things ahead with someone like you!

Netflix And Chill – Literally

While you may have lost a prospect, you have gained a new girl best friend, boys. When you want to have a beer, watch a shady film and just laze around, she’s going to be the perfect company! There are a few things that are best shared with a friend from the opposite sex, and this woman, my friends, could be that buddy you need!

You’ve Got Yourself A Wing Woman!

She probably knows you well, and can also help you find a girl! If you both are close enough, you’ll even get to hang out with her gang and even hit on a couple of women, while she puts in a nice word out about you!

You Don’t Have To Fake It Anymore

Now that you know she’s not gonna be with you, you can stop faking that stuff you were doing to woo her! 😛 No more faking about liking that romantic comedy you hated, or even about liking that dish she likes! To put it in simple words, you finally get to be yourself without being judged.

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You’re Not Left Hanging

Guys, in spite of all your resentment or sadness, you’ve got to appreciate one thing – she made her feelings clear, instead of toying around with you. Such a person will always be honest with you and genuinely care about you, even though her feelings towards you may be platonic.

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So, if you’ve been friendzoned, stop sulking and be happy that you’ve got someone really amazing around you!

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