The wedding day is the one of the most important – if not the paramount – day in a bride’s life. They want to look the best on this day and indulge in expensive wedding ensembles by fashion designers. Bollywood actress are always under the spotlight and has cameras capturing their every muscle flex on their big special day. And guess who is Bollywood’s favourite wedding designer is? Yes, it’s Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

The recently weds of Bollywood – Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, both wearing Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s creation for their D-Day held in Italy. With this fresh in mind, we at TBD bring you some Bollywood celebs who wore the designer’s outfit and looked stunning as ever:

1.    Aamna Sharif 

Aamna Sharif wore a beautiful red Sabyasachi lehenga with heavy golden work for her big day. The highlight of her attire was the blush peach dupatta.

2.    Vidya Balan

The amazingly talented Vidya Balan is a Sabyasachi fan. Along with her wedding attires, Sabyasachi himself designed her entire wedding trousseau. Vidya chose a simple red Benarasi saree and looked stunning in it.

3.    Sagarika Ghatge

Sagarika Ghatage who got court married to Zaheer Khan opted a beautiful red saree from Sabyasachi’s collection. She paired it with an exquisite maroon blouse with zardosi border. For the reception too she donned a Sabyasachi creation.

4.    Soha Ali Khan

The Tum Mile actress opted for a beautiful orange-golden lehenga from Sabyasachi’s opium collection for her D-Day. Her lehenga looked pretty as ever even with it being simple. The passa and the heavy jewellery complemented her attire really well. 

5.    Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu wore a quintessential Sabyasachi red lehenga for her wedding with Karan Singh Grover and looked absolutely ravishing. 

6.    Amrita Puri

For Amrita Puri, Sabyasachi translated the whole Persian document into artistic panels. Her wedding lehenga is one of a kind as it has been made with one hundred and eleven colours of silk thread. Her heavy silk and sequins lehenga is truly a vision.

7.    Asin Thotumkal

Asin Thotumkal chose a golden and beige lehenga for her special day. The designer very creatively added hints of maroon in the attire with the help of a heavy border.

8.    Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma who is all set to celebrate one year of married life looked beautiful in her Sabyasachi wedding ensemble. She opted for a powder pink lehenga with floral embroidery on it and heavy jewellery from Sabyasachi’s heritage collection for her wedding. The diva also wore Sabyasachi creations for all the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals.  

9.    Deepika Padukone

The most recent bride of Bollywood – Deepika Padukone – too was a Sabyasachi doll at her wedding. She was decked in Sabyasachi ensembles from head-to-toe for both wedding ceremonies at Lake Como, Italy. For her Konkani rituals, Deepika was a perfect South Indian bride draped in a gold and orange silk saree. She completed the look with a maatha patti, a tiny bindi, heavy traditional jewelry and a coordinated dupatta covering her head. 

For the Anand Karaj ceremony, Deepika picked a traditional red, heavily embroidered lehenga. Her dupatta has the words ‘Sada Saubhagyawati Bhava’ intricate embroidered on its border. The look was completed with a maang teeka and she also sported a traditional nath. We are in love with her kaleere <3

Which Bollywood actress’ Sabyasachi wedding ensemble are you in love with? Tell us in the comments below.

Summer is here and so are our never-ending skin problems. Winter made our skin dry & somehow spring made things better. But sadly, God has other plans for us. The scorching sun is back and gives us unwanted sunburns and tans. But we are no less. We are back with our foolproof tips & tricks to make you feel fresh & enjoy this summer like a breeze! Follow them ardently, & you’re good to go!

1.    Use Sunscreen
Even if it’s cloudy, use sunscreen. The sun is at its hottest during summer. Apply sunscreen 15-30mins before you leave your house. It is because, the sunscreen takes time to start penetrating into your skin & protect you from harmful UV rays. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours. However silly it may feel to you, one must abide by the rules, if you want a tan-free skin. 

2.    Choose a broad spectrum Sunscreen
No sunscreen can block all UV rays, but what we do know is: SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays. So, the difference between 30 and 50 is about 1 percent. Choose wisely.

3.    Avoid wrinkles by Sun damage
Carrots and leafy greens like kale and spinach are great beta carotene-packed additions to your meals, even breakfast smoothies. In particular, leafy greens are high in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. These have been found to protect against wrinkling, sun damage, and even skin cancer.

4.    Use Sunglasses
Protect your eyes with sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB rays.

5.    Choose your outfits wisely
Long-sleeved shirts, long pants and skirts can protect you from UV rays. Tightly woven fabrics offer the best protection. A wet T-shirt offers much less UV protection than a dry one, and darker colors protect more than lighter ones. Some clothing certified under international standards is specifically manufactured to provide UV protection.

6.    Avoid usage of sunlamps
Sunlamp products are not recommended by dermatologists and in many states are banned for use without parental permission. Sunlamps emit UV that is similar to, or more powerful than, that emitted by the sun. Therefore, exposure to sunlamp products can also lead to skin cancer. Some experts argue that artificial tanning is less dangerous because the intensity of light and the time spent tanning are controlled.

So now that you have got all these tips which are light on your pocket & will also act light on your skin. You’re free to roam in your sundress by the beach & click those ‘sunkissed’ pictures on Instagram. Happy Holidays!

One of the most awaited awards show, American Music Awards (AMAs) has arrived and it was a night full of stars. From Cardi B to Taylor Swift, everyone glowed as they walked the red carpet in their shining gowns and dressed. Check them out right away!

AMAs has always been a night to remember! It starts with the red carpet and every star never fails to SLAY. The 2018 AMAs red carpet will featured tons of A-list celebrities.

Taylor Swift was among the first to arrive on the red carpet, and she sizzled in a silver metallic mini dress and thigh-boots. She was totally a silver goddess!

The upcoming star of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Rami Malek expertly channeled Freddie Mercury’s swagger walking the AMAs red carpet.

The “always in news” rapper, Cardi B arrived at AMAs in a style statement dress. The rapper took a “go big or go home” approach to her floral overload, slaying the hardest!

Does she even age? Jennifer Lopez showcased full-on sexy in her hot-pink ensemble. It was as if she wrapped Las Vegas around her.

Recently in news for bashing her ex Johnny Depp, Amber Heard chose a daring, plunging gold gown for the AMAs.

The High School Musical star, our beloved Gabriella, wore a rather simpler, more sophisticated ensemble, which embodied Goddess like features. We love you Vanessa Hudgens. 

The couple who recently came back together, G-Eazy and Halsey gave everyone pure “couple goals” with matching outfits.

Ciara looked smokin’ but it was her adorable son’s appearance on the red carpet who captured all our hearts.

This festive season, the State Bank of India launched the YONO Shopping Festival. The first of its kind, this festival has some great offers on leading brands in the category of electronics, fashion, gifting, jewelry, furniture, travel, hospitality and more.

The discount offered is up to 40% on the purchases at the convenience of your app. Apart from this, SBI credit and debit card users get an additional 10% cash back. The festival that started on October 16 is going to be on till October 21, 2018. So make sure you make the most of it. 

So, what are you guys waiting for? Start SHOPPING!

Holi is near, & our excitement to fully enjoying this festival is sky high the whole year around. Now when finally it is here, we are little skeptical about playing. Why? Holi includes mess. A lot of mess. Our skin & hair’s health & condition goes for a toss! But that shouldn’t come in between you & your love for playing Holi! Here are some tips & tricks for you so that you’re all set for the enjoyment! 

Haircare Tips For Holi:

1.    Proper Oiling 
Make sure that you apply sufficient oil. It has to be mixture of warm Coconut oil & Castor Oil. This will help your scalp and hair stay nourished and save your hair from dry chemical colors.  

2.     Shampoo Routine
You must avoid doing shampoo a day before going to play the Holi. By doing this your scalp would not loose the essential oils present on the hair and on the scalp. This will be a natural way to avoid hair fall.

3.    Hairstyling 
You can always put up a bun by bringing all the hair tied up. Else you can always go for the tight braid as keeping the hair loose might weaken your hair.

4.    Hair Wash
Use plenty of water and wash your hair with mild soap or make sure you firstly wash your hair with only plain water and then wash it with mild shampoo.

5.    Oiling Post-Wash
Apply hair oil after the hair dries. This is to ensure that the hair remains hydrated and do not lose its moisture. On the other hand applying oil would nourish the scalp.

Skin Care For Holi

1.    Outfit Precaution 
Wear long sleeved t-shirts, & ankle length clothes to cover your skin from direct contact with colours.

2.    Nails Precaution
Apply translucent nail polish to cover your nails from colours.

3.     Apply a layer of moisturizer or oil, 10 mins before you step out to play.  

4.     Apply a coat of petroleum jelly around your eyes, ears, nose, lips so that colour doesn’t remain for long. 

5.    Stay Hydrated 
     Keep drinking water, juice, glucose, etc. throughout the day. Dehydrated skin can become dry and get sunburnt easily. This combined with the colours can make the skin appear dull and lifeless after Holi.

Hope these easy peasy tips will make it easy for you to enjoy a colourful Holi by keeping all such worries at bay! Happy Holi!

Karisma Kapoor is a fashionista and there is no denying that. Today on the occasion of her birthday, we take a look at some of her best look where she gave us fashion goals.


Vintage vibes in @goodearthindia #aboutlastnight #indianweaves Styled by @tanyaghavri 📸 by @kadamajay MuH by @kritikagill

121.7k Likes, 807 Comments – KK (@therealkarismakapoor) on Instagram: “Vintage vibes in @goodearthindia #aboutlastnight #indianweaves Styled by @tanyaghavri 📸 by…”

The Saree With A Twist

Karisma gave the simple saree look a mega twist with this look.  The actress added a modern tadka to the textured saree with a brown blazer and belt. What do you think of the look? Also, don’t forget to check out those earrings.

She did this earlier as well:


We get scared walking in high heels while wearing a gown – but not Karisma. The actress looks stunning in all the gowns she had worn. Check them out

Black & White Gown

Lolo attended an event looking stunning in a black & white gown. The best feature about this ensemble was the clean lines in it. The plain white skirt and black bodice accentuated the black & white design of the tube gown stand out. We give her top marks for slaying this look. The minimal jewellery and light makeup complimented the look well.

Black Dresses

Every girl has at the very least one black dress in her closet. And Karisma seems to have many and knows how to slay them all with her charming personality.

This black dress with colourful flower sequin work was another story altogether. We doubt anyone could pull it off the way KK did.


She loves tees as much as any other girl in the world does. From white tees to black and colourful one with prints, captions or just plain, she looks gorgeous in them all.

Long Coats

There’s no better way to add an edge to your outfit than accessorizing it with a long coat. And Karisma Kapoor is a pro at it. The fashionista has paired this piece of clothing with sarees, dresses, pant suits and more:

Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor

It’s Halloween today! We guess many have had their outfit for the parties sorted out for days already. But if you’ve had a busy schedule and weren’t able to get things ready in time, we bring you 10 DIY ideas for your costume.


Check out these 10 Halloween costumes that can be made in minutes:

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costume

Want to incorporate some childhood memory in your costume? Well, it is damn easy. All you girls out there need a red skirt (with polka dots if possible) to wear with a black long sleeve top or red short sleeve top with a black top under it. Complete the look with yellow or red shoes and the signature Minnie Mouse ears headband.

To dress and become Mickey Mouse, were black from head to toe with red shorts that have white buttons (you can make them by cutting white card paper and sticking them). Wear yellow shoes and Mickey Mouse ears to complete the look.

2. Cloud and Rainbow Costume

Have to accompany your son/daughter to a Halloween party and haven’t decided on a costume to link you two together? Well we have an easy, affordable costume set for you. Make them your rainbow and you can dress up like a cloud.

All you need for this is a white fluffy blouse for yourself with an umbrella with added cotton on the top to make it look like a cloud. For the kids use a leftover cardboard box and design it to make a rainbow.

3. Artist

Make your kids look like someone they aspire to be. Dress them in combination of white, black and white and then accessorize. A beret, bandana, or brush will let them be who they want to.

Bonus: The outfit won’t itch them

4. Minion Costume

Become a minion this Halloween. If you don’t want to be one, make your tiny tot one. All you will need is a yellow shirt and black/denim suspenders. To add more effect, wear swimming goggles to get those big eyes.

5. Emoji Costume

We use them numerous times a day so why not become one for Halloween? And it’s damn easy!

Girls all you need a pink or purple top and boys you wear a blue t-shirt. If anyone ask what are you just face a face and become one of the emojis.

6. Nerd Costume

Become the stereotypical dress by wearing a simple white t-shirt with suspenders and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Carry some books and a calculation to give it more drama. Act a bit clumsy also after all it is part of your character.

7. Raining Men Costume

Do you have guys falling for you left, right and center? Print all their pics and attach it to an umbrella-like they are raindrops falling. Dress sexy and flaunt your prettiness.

8. T-Shirts With Words

Go simple with jeans and a t-shirt that has some awesome writing or graphics on it.

9. Joker from Dark Knight Costume

All you need is a purple or violet suit – a similar blazer with jeans will also work. Complete the look by painting your face white. Add red lipstick to get the big smile and Kajal to make the area around the eyes dark.

10. Teja Costume

All who follow Bollywood know Teja from the Aamir Khan-Salman Khan film Andaz Apna Apna. All you need is a white shirt under a suit (navy or dark blue) and make a cross on your right cheek.

If you don’t want to go but your friends are waiting you can tell them you were there as Mr India’ and that’s the real why you were invisible. Also, tell them if red light was there they would have seen you!

Yami Gautam is currently busy promoting her upcoming next, Bala. With only a few days left to its release, the actress sis in a full on promotional swing with co-stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar. 

The actress is nailing one look after another during this promotional. The actress has kept her looks simple but stylish and elegant at the same time.

Striped Pantsuit

The actress looked stunning in a blue, white and black short pantsuit during the promotions of the film. The red high heel and the red and white stripe at the sleeves added color to this outfit. Comfortable for a hectic day but stylish as ever.

High-Low Circles

This look added an element of fun and playfulness to Yami Gautam’s promotional wardrobe. A high-low off-shoulder dress with puffy sleeves with dual tone circles is what this look was all about. It is a sensible option to look glamourous while beating the October heat in the country.

Rufflle Top With Bell Bottom Pants

A light blue ruffle top paired with brown high waist bell bottom pants made this diva look killer while promoting Bala. She completed the look with ring statement earrings and heels. Simple, comfortable and elegant is what she oozed in this look.

Beauty In Black

A girl always need a black dress in her wardrobe and Yami has a stunning one here. A sweetheart neck, off-shoulder dress with net sleeves made this beauty look regal. She completed the look with superb black tie-up heels.

Bold And Elegant

Yami looked stunning in a white ruffle sleeve blouse and blue flare pants. Simple. Elegant. And something she aces like a pro.

For more update in fashion and lifestyle, stay tuned to The Brunette Diaries

With pretty long hair, there are a zillion ways to style them. Colour them, curl them, use extensions, twist them, tease them, fold them, braid them..let your imagination run wild with those waist-length bangs.

Read these out of the box ideas to style your beautiful long locks.

1)    Waves with Spiral Curls

Waves are best suited for long hair. Wave them up and highlight those wavy bangs in golden. Go for spiral curls towards the end.

2)    Fishtail Braid

The classic fishtail braid is a match for all your outfits. Give your simple fish braid, the unusual messy look to stand out in the crowd.

3)    Shiny Waves

Look glamorous in these shiny waves. Try some leave-in conditioner after washing your hair and let them air dry. Use some glossy serum to add shine to your hair. Then, puff up your crown section and put them all on one side.

4)    Layered Hair

Simple yet trendy! Layered straight hair has always been the choice of several fashionistas. You can puff it up a bit of your crown section and hide the very front layers behind the ear to get the full effect.

5)    Voluminous Curls

Rock this look if you have dry and rough hair. Get a heat treatment for your naturally curly hair to get these voluminous curls. Wear these curls to the next concert with your leather jacket.

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6)    Soft Curls

If you’re not in for an entire curly look then, try these soft curls to get your hair a little curled up at the back. Let the front remain straight so that the back takes the limelight.

7)    Messy Braid

Try the messy braid when you wanna go for that laid-back, casual look. This is your go-to Sunday-look when you’re lazing around in your pajamas and suddenly, your sister suggests going for a movie.

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8)    The Sweet-Girl Half Ponytail

Sport on the half ponytail for the girl next door look! Twist up the crown section and curl the remaining hair to give an edge to your look.

Wear these hairstyles to amp up your style quotient!

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