Summer is here and so are our never-ending skin problems. Winter made our skin dry & somehow spring made things better. But sadly, God has other plans for us. The scorching sun is back and gives us unwanted sunburns and tans. But we are no less. We are back with our foolproof tips & tricks to make you feel fresh & enjoy this summer like a breeze! Follow them ardently, & you’re good to go!

1.    Use Sunscreen
Even if it’s cloudy, use sunscreen. The sun is at its hottest during summer. Apply sunscreen 15-30mins before you leave your house. It is because, the sunscreen takes time to start penetrating into your skin & protect you from harmful UV rays. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours. However silly it may feel to you, one must abide by the rules, if you want a tan-free skin. 

2.    Choose a broad spectrum Sunscreen
No sunscreen can block all UV rays, but what we do know is: SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays. So, the difference between 30 and 50 is about 1 percent. Choose wisely.

3.    Avoid wrinkles by Sun damage
Carrots and leafy greens like kale and spinach are great beta carotene-packed additions to your meals, even breakfast smoothies. In particular, leafy greens are high in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. These have been found to protect against wrinkling, sun damage, and even skin cancer.

4.    Use Sunglasses
Protect your eyes with sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB rays.

5.    Choose your outfits wisely
Long-sleeved shirts, long pants and skirts can protect you from UV rays. Tightly woven fabrics offer the best protection. A wet T-shirt offers much less UV protection than a dry one, and darker colors protect more than lighter ones. Some clothing certified under international standards is specifically manufactured to provide UV protection.

6.    Avoid usage of sunlamps
Sunlamp products are not recommended by dermatologists and in many states are banned for use without parental permission. Sunlamps emit UV that is similar to, or more powerful than, that emitted by the sun. Therefore, exposure to sunlamp products can also lead to skin cancer. Some experts argue that artificial tanning is less dangerous because the intensity of light and the time spent tanning are controlled.

So now that you have got all these tips which are light on your pocket & will also act light on your skin. You’re free to roam in your sundress by the beach & click those ‘sunkissed’ pictures on Instagram. Happy Holidays!

Holi is near, & our excitement to fully enjoying this festival is sky high the whole year around. Now when finally it is here, we are little skeptical about playing. Why? Holi includes mess. A lot of mess. Our skin & hair’s health & condition goes for a toss! But that shouldn’t come in between you & your love for playing Holi! Here are some tips & tricks for you so that you’re all set for the enjoyment! 

Haircare Tips For Holi:

1.    Proper Oiling 
Make sure that you apply sufficient oil. It has to be mixture of warm Coconut oil & Castor Oil. This will help your scalp and hair stay nourished and save your hair from dry chemical colors.  

2.     Shampoo Routine
You must avoid doing shampoo a day before going to play the Holi. By doing this your scalp would not loose the essential oils present on the hair and on the scalp. This will be a natural way to avoid hair fall.

3.    Hairstyling 
You can always put up a bun by bringing all the hair tied up. Else you can always go for the tight braid as keeping the hair loose might weaken your hair.

4.    Hair Wash
Use plenty of water and wash your hair with mild soap or make sure you firstly wash your hair with only plain water and then wash it with mild shampoo.

5.    Oiling Post-Wash
Apply hair oil after the hair dries. This is to ensure that the hair remains hydrated and do not lose its moisture. On the other hand applying oil would nourish the scalp.

Skin Care For Holi

1.    Outfit Precaution 
Wear long sleeved t-shirts, & ankle length clothes to cover your skin from direct contact with colours.

2.    Nails Precaution
Apply translucent nail polish to cover your nails from colours.

3.     Apply a layer of moisturizer or oil, 10 mins before you step out to play.  

4.     Apply a coat of petroleum jelly around your eyes, ears, nose, lips so that colour doesn’t remain for long. 

5.    Stay Hydrated 
     Keep drinking water, juice, glucose, etc. throughout the day. Dehydrated skin can become dry and get sunburnt easily. This combined with the colours can make the skin appear dull and lifeless after Holi.

Hope these easy peasy tips will make it easy for you to enjoy a colourful Holi by keeping all such worries at bay! Happy Holi!

Come on ladies let’s face it; a little bit of good makeup is all that we ever need and we’re good to go! “Wake-up-and-makeup” is very common place in today’s times. But who would want to pay a bomb to any regular makeup artist every time? It’s the DIY age and makeup enthusiasts are not at all lagging behind when it comes to teaching or learning newer techniques to enhance your favorite features.

But hold your horses, ladies! It’s true that makeup if done right can work wonders for a woman, but there’s always a flipside to it. If your makeup goes wrong it can actually make you look 10 years older! And no makeup artist will tell you this but there are some really easy mistakes that you could make even with the traditional techniques. But worry not, because we at The Brunette Diaries have got your back. Read on to know what to avoid during your daily makeup routine and still look ever so pretty.


Rule of the thumb: Always moisturise well! A good shine-free moisturizer is a must-have for every woman. But mind you, one can easily go wrong with this one. Using a heavy moisturizer will only make your skin shiny and allow your makeup to sink into your pores. Not only that, it could even result in highlighting your lines and wrinkles let alone hide them. So make sure to use the right moisturizer for your skin. A light oil-free moisturizer would be the best bet.


Using the wrong colour of the foundation or the wrong type depending on your skin will only add to your woes. Choose the best foundation by applying some on the jaw line and checking whether it blends in with your skin shade. Powder foundations are best for oily skin; however, liquid foundations are easier to apply and blend well.


This one can be really tricky. Going too heavy with concealer under your eyes will only make your dark circles standout. Make sure to use the right shade of concealer and try using minimal amount. The best shade is just one tone lighter than your skin.


This makeup must-have is meant to lengthen the lashes and make the eyes look bigger. But if the mascara isn’t applied correctly it could give your lashes a clumpy look. This mistake is usually committed when you don’t curl and brush your lashes before using mascara on them. Using a wrong mascara brush will also do no good. Take this tip: use a water-resistant light mascara to help keep it from running.


The old adage goes by smiling wide and applying blush-on to the apples of your cheeks. But the clown-like rounds are far from flattering. Besides, that makes your face look saggy or jowly. Avoid using too much blush-on if you want to keep your makeup simple yet chic.

Lip Liner

Wearing a lip liner that is too dark in comparison with your lipstick may give the illusion of having a ring on your lips. Your lip liner should be of the same shade as your lipstick to avoid jarring.

Eye Liner

Too much liner will attract attention to your eyes are and sometimes, if gone wrong, you may end up looking ‘Goth-like’. Make sure to apply a thin stroke very close to your eyelid.


You’d think that powder or a compact can never go wrong. We’re sorry to say that it sometimes does. Women who apply powder or compact to set the makeup in place don’t usually realise that it accentuates the wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Make sure to apply compact sparingly and avoid the under eye area.


Overly tweezed eyebrows make a face look considerably thinner and older. Go for a shape that suits your face type. If you have scanty brows, use a pencil two shades lighter than you hair colour and make soft, short strokes and blend them in properly. This will give your face a lift while adding to the oomph.

Blending it in

Any makeup artist would agree that when wearing makeup it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly obvious. Learn to blend your makeup well. Using a soft round sponge, blend your makeup keeping in mind to highlight your best features and downplay the flaws.

And you’re good to go! We hope this helps you when you wear makeup next time around. Remember ‘Less is more’.

At times, in this fast-paced life we hardly find time to spare for vanity. Hence, you may find yourself rushing through your makeup routine more often than not. While taking the easy way out is okay at certain times, some of the beauty shortcuts are best avoided. It must be understood that beauty does not come with the swish of a wand. Here is a list of some beauty shortcuts to avoid.

Sleeping with your makeup on:

Makeup certainly makes you look pretty and helps you feel more confident. But if you are too lazy to remove your makeup before bed, you might do a lot of harm to your skin. Sleeping with makeup enlarges the pores which may lead to bacteria that would only bring more acne. Be sure to use a good cleanser to remove your makeup. Coconut oil is also an effective natural option for makeup removal. But be sure to use a toner afterwards to help close the pores.

Applying makeup over makeup:

In a bid to save time, some women tend to apply makeup on a face that already has previous makeup on.  This must be avoided at any cost, as too much makeup will harm your skin and clog your pores resulting in blackheads.

Avoiding sunscreens:

Stepping out for a lunch date and it is bright outside? Taking a trip to the beach? Planning to go shopping on a sunny afternoon? Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays can profusely harm your skin and in the long run it may lead to different types of skin cancer.

Using dirty makeup brushes:

Using an unclean brush to apply makeup will badly contaminate your skin. When it comes to skin care, one cannot take any chances. If you don’t have time to clean your brush, use a new spare one.

Heat-styling wet hair:

While it is alright to blow dry your hair once in a blue moon, try not to heat-style your hair very often. Too much blow drying or ironing could damage the hair beyond repair. Your hair may become dry and brittle and lose its shine. If it’s really necessary to use a drier, make sure you keep the temperature not very high.

Many of us indulge in temporary skin care cover-ups that damage our skin in the long run. You must realise that health of your skin will deteriorate with age and therefore you must take care of it with utmost care today. Try to stay away from these bad habits and keep your skin healthy and enduring.

Over exfoliating

Although exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and removes clogged dirt from pores, if this is overdone it can damage your skin. Generally, exfoliating twice a week with a natural product, devoid of harsh chemicals, is enough.

Biting lips

If you have dry chapped lips, you may feel that licking or chewing can work a charm, however this will do nothing but severely dehydrate them. Try investing in a lip scrub to remove rough skin from your lips and then moisturize with a lip balm.

Squeezing pimples

We may convince ourselves that acne squeezing helps, but the only help it could give you is temporary. This will only worsen the situation over time and even cause acne scarring.

Using too much product

When it comes to skin care, try to keep it simple. Most people layer their skin with moisturizers, sunscreen lotions and makeup products.  Extra product building up on your skin can irritate it. Try cutting down on excessive products on your skin and let it breathe.

Not changing sheets and pillow cases

Often our pillow cases become a haven of bacteria and dirt. Staying exposed all day makes it an easy target to harvest bacteria. Change your pillow cases and bed sheets often and dust it once in a while.

Taking very hot showers

They certainly feel nice, but they can wreck havoc on your skin’s lipid barriers, leading to drier skin. This can also lead to acne as your pores are opening due to severe continuous heat. Lukewarm water is advisable, and keep the showers short instead of exposing your skin to heat for such extended periods of time.