Once your pregnancy is confirmed, there are several precautions you are bound to consider. There are umpteen books that guide and provide a step-by-step process and there is your family to shower loads of love till the tiny one finally enters the world.

Here are five things you should do without fail when you are pregnant.

1: Visit the doctor regularly

Your pre-natal appointments are important as they help to run a check on your vitals. It is essential to know the health condition of your baby from time to time; this determines how well you are doing. The doctor will assist you through your medications and prescribe necessary vitamins that may be lacking in your body. Therefore, prioritise appointments with your doctor.

2: Get your recommended dose of folic acid every day

What you eat will help in your baby’s growth. Therefore, having quality amount of folic acid in the food you consume is important. Folic acid reduces heart and spinal problems for the baby. Studies have shown that women who eat food rich in folic acid before and during their pregnancy have the least chance of having a baby with neural tube defect. Spinach, sprouts and green beans are rich in folic acid, but this is not enough for the baby.  Women suffering from medical issues like diabetes and sickle cell disease have to consume food highly rich in folic acid. It is better you consult your doctor to get the prescription for the daily dose of folic acid in your food.

3: It is important to stay relaxed

It is a common fact that women attend to household chores while men work. There might be situations when the washing machine, phone and food need attention at the same time. It is important for pregnant women to stay calm and take things at ease. If it is necessary for you to do the cleaning and washing, do them one at a time. Make sure you take frequent breaks to rest. Stress increases the chances of premature birth and, in some cases, abnormal baby. If you need help, join a local support group for pregnant women. Interacting with them can make you feel light. Who knows, they might have the same problems that you have. Sharing is caring; share your problems with them. In that way, you can make friends as well as be stress-free.

If you are a working woman, do not sit in front of your desk the whole day. Take frequent breaks and walk along the corridor of your office for some time. Excessive use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets does no good to your baby. Take snacks to office. Being pregnant can cause morning sickness; small snacks help you through such situations. Most important of all, do not forget to drink a lot of water.

4: Don’t be idle in your free time

Make the most out of your free time. Be it reading books or watching movies. Make sure it is the most entertaining hobby in your list. Watch a comedy film and laugh out loud. When the mother is happy, the baby automatically tends to be happy; this is the beauty of bearing a child. If you find joy in shopping, then retail therapy it is. Do anything, but do not sit idle in your free time. It will eventually end up as stress which is no good to you and your baby.

5: Have your own pregnancy photo shoot

Memories last a life time. Have a photo shoot every month to know the gradual growth of your baby’s temporary residence – your tummy. Else, take pictures with your family, friends and other relatives and don’t forget to focus the camera on your bump. Baby shower is the best time to click pictures. Proudly flaunt your bump in front of the camera and record your memories. Looking back at these pictures will give you a proud feeling. A miracle is inside your tummy. You are bearing a tiny baby in your womb. Who knows, tomorrow when your child grows up, he/she may want to see your gleaming face when you were pregnant with them.

Being pregnant is a gift, enjoy it.

A basic guide to applying makeup while adorning a fresh look that makes people look at you twice!

Heat and humidity can kill your plans of applying a lot of makeup and may make your skin look rather dull and lifeless. Here are a few basic ways to look refreshing and gorgeous with minimal makeup on a hot and humid day!

1) Care for your skin- Unfriendly weather conditions affect your skin the most, especially your face because that skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Make sure you wash your face multiple times a day, often with just water or some mild face wash. Use some home remedies like Doodh Haldi.

2) Stay hydrated- Drink loads of water to flush out the toxins from your system. Water also makes your skin tight and wrinkle-free.

3) Know your skin type- If your skin is oily, avoid foundation or primer while you head out. A light layer of compact powder will be a good idea even with heat and humidity. If you have dry skin, a primer is an apt option.

4) Don’t use excessive powders- Do not overdo your face with contouring or highlighting as perspiration will ruin your look. A concealer can be used.

5) Waterproof eyeliner- You wouldn’t want to look like someone punched you in the eye! Make sure you avoid pencil eyeliners as they smudge with sweat. Use waterproof eyeliner to keep it lasting for long despite the weather.

6) Apply liner only on the upper waterline- Apply a fine line only on the waterline to enhance your eyes at the same time give a no makeup look. Avoid mascara on your lower eyelashes. Use just one coat for your upper lashes.

7) Exfoliate your lips- Chapped lips may ruin your look even though you have applied a beautiful shade of lipstick. Don’t forget to keep your lips moist and chap-free with the help mild scrubs or honey and sugar before you apply your lipstick.

8) Keep it glossy- Gloss will make your face glow and will give you elegance.

Come on ladies let’s face it; a little bit of good makeup is all that we ever need and we’re good to go! “Wake-up-and-makeup” is very common place in today’s times. But who would want to pay a bomb to any regular makeup artist every time? It’s the DIY age and makeup enthusiasts are not at all lagging behind when it comes to teaching or learning newer techniques to enhance your favorite features.

But hold your horses, ladies! It’s true that makeup if done right can work wonders for a woman, but there’s always a flipside to it. If your makeup goes wrong it can actually make you look 10 years older! And no makeup artist will tell you this but there are some really easy mistakes that you could make even with the traditional techniques. But worry not, because we at The Brunette Diaries have got your back. Read on to know what to avoid during your daily makeup routine and still look ever so pretty.


Rule of the thumb: Always moisturise well! A good shine-free moisturizer is a must-have for every woman. But mind you, one can easily go wrong with this one. Using a heavy moisturizer will only make your skin shiny and allow your makeup to sink into your pores. Not only that, it could even result in highlighting your lines and wrinkles let alone hide them. So make sure to use the right moisturizer for your skin. A light oil-free moisturizer would be the best bet.


Using the wrong colour of the foundation or the wrong type depending on your skin will only add to your woes. Choose the best foundation by applying some on the jaw line and checking whether it blends in with your skin shade. Powder foundations are best for oily skin; however, liquid foundations are easier to apply and blend well.


This one can be really tricky. Going too heavy with concealer under your eyes will only make your dark circles standout. Make sure to use the right shade of concealer and try using minimal amount. The best shade is just one tone lighter than your skin.


This makeup must-have is meant to lengthen the lashes and make the eyes look bigger. But if the mascara isn’t applied correctly it could give your lashes a clumpy look. This mistake is usually committed when you don’t curl and brush your lashes before using mascara on them. Using a wrong mascara brush will also do no good. Take this tip: use a water-resistant light mascara to help keep it from running.


The old adage goes by smiling wide and applying blush-on to the apples of your cheeks. But the clown-like rounds are far from flattering. Besides, that makes your face look saggy or jowly. Avoid using too much blush-on if you want to keep your makeup simple yet chic.

Lip Liner

Wearing a lip liner that is too dark in comparison with your lipstick may give the illusion of having a ring on your lips. Your lip liner should be of the same shade as your lipstick to avoid jarring.

Eye Liner

Too much liner will attract attention to your eyes are and sometimes, if gone wrong, you may end up looking ‘Goth-like’. Make sure to apply a thin stroke very close to your eyelid.


You’d think that powder or a compact can never go wrong. We’re sorry to say that it sometimes does. Women who apply powder or compact to set the makeup in place don’t usually realise that it accentuates the wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Make sure to apply compact sparingly and avoid the under eye area.


Overly tweezed eyebrows make a face look considerably thinner and older. Go for a shape that suits your face type. If you have scanty brows, use a pencil two shades lighter than you hair colour and make soft, short strokes and blend them in properly. This will give your face a lift while adding to the oomph.

Blending it in

Any makeup artist would agree that when wearing makeup it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly obvious. Learn to blend your makeup well. Using a soft round sponge, blend your makeup keeping in mind to highlight your best features and downplay the flaws.

And you’re good to go! We hope this helps you when you wear makeup next time around. Remember ‘Less is more’.

So it’s been a crazy-busy couple of weeks. You step on the scale one morning and, yikes! You’ve gained five pounds! How the heck did that happen? Well, research shows that what you weigh isn’t just the result of eating too much and exercising too little; it’s also linked to your feelings, your experiences, even where you live. Any change in your life circumstances can produce changes in eating and exercise, which leads to weight gain. This is more popularly known as ‘emotional eating’. Getting married and having kids are obvious triggers for weight gain, but there are other, more surprising transition points that can also influence your weight. This guide will see you through them all.

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You recently got promoted

Emotional eating leads to weight gain

The good news is that you love your new gig. And the bad news is that the big job is calling for a wardrobe in a bigger size! Chalk it up to stress, which prompts our bodies to release the hormones and insulin, which stimulate hunger. Usually in tense situations, we ignore the voice that tells us to eat healthy, and instead turn to high-calorie comfort foods. There’s only one solution: outsmart it. Bring a high-protein, fibre rich, fresh produce lunch, for instance; chicken salad, almonds and a orange, or yogurt and berries. The key is to choose foods that are satisfying.

Also make time for exercise. Yes, we know you’re too swamped, but we mean it. Working out or having an active lifestyle makes you more energized and helps reduce stress. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, go for a 15-minute brisk walk after lunch. Stand up and walk around for five-ten minutes at least once an hour. By moving frequently, you keep your major muscles working, which may ward off the negative effects of being sedentary.

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You decided to quit smoking/binge drinking

Kick the butt

Congratulations… You ditched those cigarettes! But now your jeans are feeling snug. Blame it partly on the fact that your system is free of nicotine, a stimulant that suppresses the appetite. You may also have a newfound appreciation of food. Giving up alcohol may produce a similar effect. Skip the fatty foods and concentrate on nutritious choices like whole-grain pastas, breads, cereals, vegetables and fruits, lean meat, fish and dairy. Take advantage of your improved lung capacity and energy levels and set new fitness goals. Try a new sport. How about tennis? Or squash? Keep yourself motivated.

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You are a bachelor or bachelorette working in a new city

Relying fast food for daily lunch is unhealthy

So you live away from mom. But for heaven’s sake, you can’t live away from healthy food! If you know the delivery boy from your fast food joint by name, chances are you order out every day. Be responsible and take your health in your hands. Cook your own lunch, even if it’s just a regular salad. Try different things – you’ll find all the recipes on Google!

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Finally, get more sleep. Lack of shut-eye stimulates the production of Ghrelin – the hunger hormone. If you’re stressed and sleep deprived, you’re creating a perfect storm for gaining weight. Turn off the TV and the computer and go to bed an hour earlier.

Minimum 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy body

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People usually want to lose the fat but are concerned about losing the pretty lean muscle tissue along with it while dieting. Here we give you tips on how to keep the lean muscle tissue and burn away fat.

Eat 5-6 smaller meals per day

To burn fat and keep muscle, you must not reduce your calories too much. Divide the number of daily calories your body needs into small meals spread throughout the day, rather than eating two or three large meals. This way your body receives a steady amount of the fuel it needs to maintain lean muscle mass.

Stack on protein

Stack on protein to maintain muscle

Your muscles need fuel to sustain itself. By having a protein rich diet, you are fuelling your muscles and telling your brain to stay away from muscle instead of stealing muscle for the energy deficit during a diet. If this happens, then your body is only going to use stored up fat to fuel your bodily functions and stay away from muscle. Good sources of protein include nuts, chicken, pulses and egg whites.

Maintain strength

Weight training must be adjusted appropriately

During a calorie deficit diet, you must not reduce the weight you carry. Your muscles need to be worked to sustain itself during this period of draught. By working your muscles, you are telling your body, once again, to use only fat to make up for the calorie deficit and stay away from muscle.

Reduce weight training volume

You need to maintain strength, but a caloric deficit is really an energy deficit, and while this is fantastic for losing any amount of body fat, it is not good for anything that is workout related like recovery and performance. Hence, even though you are maintaining strength, it is important to reduce volume/frequency of your workouts to facilitate proper recovery.

If you manage to do this, then you can reduce fat and maintain muscle. However, if you are lost on how to begin with this module straight away, check out how you can kickstart your weight loss plan.

Losing weight takes a lot of discipline and determination, whether in the gym or outside it. Some of us just don’t have the time for hitting the gym. Or maybe we are just not a gym-person. So how do we get rid of all the excess fat reserved in our body?  Follow these steps to achieve your desired weight without sweating it out.

Smaller meals:

Not all of us are conscious enough to count every calorie, so try to make your meal portions smaller. And bunk the second helping altogether. You can take shorter lunch breaks at work so that you don’t over-eat.

Avoid too much sweet:

If you really need to have a dessert after your meals then try to swap the ice-creams and cakes with a piece of dark chocolate. It’s a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth without piling up on the calories.

Move your butt:

Having a sedentary lifestyle can make losing weight very difficult. Take regular breaks every 2 hours to walk around the office. Skip the elevator and start taking the stairs whenever possible. Enrol for a fun weekend dance class. The more you move, the faster you lose that weight.


Sleep is more than just a pretty-making mechanism. Your digestive system is also pumping hard to process your food, metabolizing carbohydrates and breaking down fats. Some studies have linked sleep deprivation to weight problems; so the bottom line is – if you don’t want your ‘bottom’ to grow bigger, hit the sack at the earliest.

Have sex:

That’s right; sex is a great way to shed the extra calories. An average sex session burns 150 to 250 calories per half hour – depending on how hot, flexible and athletic your session was. Now don’t be disheartened even if you aren’t extremely acrobatic in love-making, as sex naturally gets your heart rate up, which in turn improves circulation and burns calories and fat.

Laugh while you still have teeth:

Last but not the least – laugh more! Laughing heartily five times a day has the same beneficial effects as ten minutes on a rowing machine. How great is that!

A close friend’s wedding is coming up! All your attempts to lose weight have failed, and you’re getting panicky. You want to appear thinner instantly, without going to the gym in these last few days? And without those silly crash diets? Well, of course you do! Here’s how you can!

Stand up straight

Standing up straight will make you look thinner

When you improve your posture, not only do you visibly decrease your stomach fat, but you also gain confidence.

Wear proper fitting underwear

An ill fitting bra or underwear will make fat spill over. Wear the proper size and you will look a whole lot thinner.

Wear long fitting tops

Wearing a long fitting top or shirt will stretch out your torso and thus make you appear thinner.

Choose colours carefully

Choose your clothes’ colours wisely

Avoid bright colours and patterns as they make you appear bigger than you are. Dark colours are known to make your heavier sections appear smaller.

Shoes should match your body

The shoes you wear should match your body type and size. If you are on the heavier side, try and look out for bulkier shoes, and don’t go in for slender heels!


Another way to appear thinner is to distract everybody from your body and make them notice either your face (for makeup tips read – How to enhance your best features using makeup ) or your hair (for hairstyle tips read – Hairstyles that can make you look stylish instantly!).

Size of clothes

Wear the right size of clothes. Do not go in for a larger size or anything too tight. If you try to squeeze into a size 12 if you’re a size 16, then you are surely going to accentuate your body fat, even the little that there is.

Stay away from horizontal striped tops/t-shirts

Don’t wear horizontal striped t-shirts or tops as they made you appear wider. But if they are vertically striped, they make you appear thinner.

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Match your jewellery to your body shape and size. If you are a big and/or tall person, wear a bigger size chain.

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Black clothes

Black will always make you look thinner

If you don’t mind the colour, consider that black will always make you look thinner!

Any girl would tell you that the biggest question in the whole wide world is – “What do I wear today?”

Maxi dress

The most embarrassing situation would be stepping out for a party with your pals and looking trashy, just because you crossed a thin line that differentiates between class and crass. This usually happens with girls who have always been simple and traditional in dressing up, and were never exposed to modern ways of making a style statement. In a bid to go from simple to chic you may sometimes go a little overboard and end up looking indecent with the new found cleavage baring dress that you thought made you look like a million bucks.

If you don’t want to look like the most promiscuous girl at the next party, here’s help. And you can thank us later…

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Always take a second opinion while choosing new items to dress up for a special occasion. You may feel that a bandage dress can look good on you, but probably your girls may give you an honest opinion. And that in turn would save you from looking like a victim of a fashion “accident” in need of a bandage. Choose a maxi dress that will not look like you strayed far away from your usual salwar kameez and still make you look gorgeous.

If you’re thinking of wearing a skirt instead of a sari at your friends pre-wedding cocktail party, go easy with the length. Your friends are used to seeing you covered up in the 9 yard drape, and if you make a sudden appearance wearing an ultra mini skirt, everybody’s going to think you’re craving to be noticed. Swap the mini skirt for a tea-length pencil one and accessorise it well.

 Tea-length skirt

We all dream of wearing a cute bodycon dress, but wearing one and having to constantly pull it down is a huge turn off. Here’s a helpful tip: when shopping for a bodycon dress if it feels like it’s a little short, try to pick a size bigger and preferably one that has a crew neck. This way you’ll have a more conservative ensemble that balances out the skin show.

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If you’ve never worn denims before, you may probably not want to directly jump to stone washed skinny jeans, or low rise and distressed ones. Pick a pair of simple mid waist jeans instead, and wear them with long tunics. Yes, we know crops tops are in and you’re probably thinking of flaunting your midriff, but you need to remember it’s a transition that must be carefully made.

Bodycon dress

Lastly, be sure to look and feel confident when you decide to go for a style makeover. It shouldn’t make you feel like you have had to jeopardise your self-image in the society. After all, beauty is in simplicity.

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Everyone loves animals. Do I hear a no? Okay, there may be some people who dislike them, but majority of the world’s population love animals and some people even have them as pets at home. Be it parrots, guinea pigs, cats, dogs or even lion cubs, there are a variety of animals and birds that can be kept as pets at home. However, dogs seem to top the pet list worldwide.

The way they yelp for food, their bum wobbling when they play, their sad face for locking them in the kennel, the excitement they show when they see you after long hours, getting petrified of their own fart noise, hiding under our legs when lightning strikes and much more. Can you name one thing that you don’t find to be cute in your furry ball of joy? Initially, they might be a headache; but, they capture our hearts soon enough and become a part of our family.

With so much ‘dog’ertainment that we get, the least we can do is to tend to their needs. Once we bring them home, they are under our protection. It is important for us to know what is right and wrong for the puppy’s growth. If you are a first timer, here are a few essential tips that will help you take good care of your four-legged buddy.

Do you have the essentials?

Your pet might be a part of your family, but he is still an animal. It is mandatory to keep his things separate from yours. Feeding bowl, water bowl, comb, brush, shampoo, towel, collar and leash have to be washed regularly and kept aside. Do not mix your stuff with his. It is not good for your health and your puppy’s.

Did you puppy-proof your house?

It is important to puppy-proof your house, lest it keeps on chewing your stuff during its teething phase. Keep things at a higher level so that the naughty little one is unable to reach there. Be it kitchenware, shoes, clothes, combs or the kinds; don’t make it accessible for your puppy.

Do you take him to the vet regularly?

Initially, your puppy needs a few vaccinations to ensure that doesn’t face any health issues. Also, even if he is in the pink of health, make sure you visit the vet on a regularly basis, mainly because, even though he may seem fine he doesn’t ‘talk’ to tell us his invisible body problems.

Do you groom him from time-to-time?

If your puppy is furry, it is important for you to groom him from time-to-time. Otherwise, his hair can easily get knotted up and give him a lot of pain when you decide to sit one fine day to comb his fur. Also, clean and bathe him frequently as per the vet’s instructions. Make sure you keep a tab of fleas and other pests that may be clinging on to your pet’s body.

Do you know that human food is toxic to your puppy?

By feeding your puppy with food that you consume, you are intoxicating him. It might be difficult for you to gobble chips when he is sitting right in front you waiting for you to throw him at least one piece. But, don’t feed him. When you are eating, either keep him in his kennel or train him to not ask for your food.

Having a dog as a family member is a wonderful feeling. You can love him or abuse him; but, at the end of the day, he will still love you unconditionally. Let’s not do the latter, and be faithful to him, as he is to us.