No matter how much effort you put into your workout, if your post workout habits are inappropriate, you’ll be losing out on your desired results. Pretty soon, you may find yourself de-motivated to work out and give up on your health goals. Therefore, it is necessary to maximise your workouts by paying attention to healthy post workout habits. Here we take a look at a few unhealthy post workout habits that you have.

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Cooling down

Post workout aerobics can help you cool down

Letting your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal levels cuts your risk of injury, according to experts. We hardly ever pay attention to this and return to our regular chores after a rigorous workout. The best solution is to end your workout with a light aerobic exercise to bring back your body to the normal resting levels gradually.

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You must stretch to prevent muscle soreness

Stretching can prevent muscle soreness on the following day. Less soreness will mean you can hit the gym the sooner than ever and get back to working those muscles to attain your dream body!


Yogurt is a great post-workout snack

Nutrition helps your muscles repair after a break-down workout. A combination of carbs and protein, like yogurt or a handful of nuts, is a great post workout snack to revitalize your body!

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Make sure you take a shower and change your clothes after a workout

This may or may not apply to you; however, there are some people out there who don’t change their clothes or wash their bodies after a workout. Gross as it sounds, it obviously has more to it than just plain dirtiness. It can lead to yeast infections!


Sleep is essential if you work out

Most people do not find the time to rest their bodies adequately due to hectic schedules. But what is important to note is that a good 7-8 hours of sleep is imperative for a person who works out.

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So the next time you think that skipping any of these things is fine, think again. Workouts can be good for you, but don’t let it affect your health!

A close friend’s wedding is coming up! All your attempts to lose weight have failed, and you’re getting panicky. You want to appear thinner instantly, without going to the gym in these last few days? And without those silly crash diets? Well, of course you do! Here’s how you can!

Stand up straight

Standing up straight will make you look thinner

When you improve your posture, not only do you visibly decrease your stomach fat, but you also gain confidence.

Wear proper fitting underwear

An ill fitting bra or underwear will make fat spill over. Wear the proper size and you will look a whole lot thinner.

Wear long fitting tops

Wearing a long fitting top or shirt will stretch out your torso and thus make you appear thinner.

Choose colours carefully

Choose your clothes’ colours wisely

Avoid bright colours and patterns as they make you appear bigger than you are. Dark colours are known to make your heavier sections appear smaller.

Shoes should match your body

The shoes you wear should match your body type and size. If you are on the heavier side, try and look out for bulkier shoes, and don’t go in for slender heels!


Another way to appear thinner is to distract everybody from your body and make them notice either your face (for makeup tips read – How to enhance your best features using makeup ) or your hair (for hairstyle tips read – Hairstyles that can make you look stylish instantly!).

Size of clothes

Wear the right size of clothes. Do not go in for a larger size or anything too tight. If you try to squeeze into a size 12 if you’re a size 16, then you are surely going to accentuate your body fat, even the little that there is.

Stay away from horizontal striped tops/t-shirts

Don’t wear horizontal striped t-shirts or tops as they made you appear wider. But if they are vertically striped, they make you appear thinner.

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Match your jewellery to your body shape and size. If you are a big and/or tall person, wear a bigger size chain.

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Black clothes

Black will always make you look thinner

If you don’t mind the colour, consider that black will always make you look thinner!