Tea is an aromatic beverage that is well known for health benefits that it provides. Many people drink tea for pure health reasons while many others drink because of their addiction to it. Tea has less caffeine compared to coffee, and doctors from across the globe recommend the habit of drinking tea regularly.

 Tea leaves can be a solution to various beauty problems also. Here are 10 beauty benefits that tea leaves offer.

Goodbye puffy eyes

Working overtime can give you puffy eyes. And, what if you have an important function to attend? How much concealer can you apply to make your eyes look normal? This is when tea leaves come to the rescue. Take two tea bags and soak them in warm water. Place the soaked tea bags on your closed eyes for 20 minutes. Tea leaves have natural astringent known as tannins which reduce the puffiness and removes dark circles under your eyes.

Sunburns can be handled as well

Many women worry about sunburns after their long summer holidays. Well, the good news is tea leaves help to provide relief to your sunburned skin. Put some tea leaves in your bath water and let your body soak in its goodness. This is will be the best solution for your itchy skin.

Lose excess weight in a jiffy

Studies prove that green tea drinkers lose weight faster than those who don’t. Also, green tea helps to balance the body weight after a period of weight loss. It also boosts your metabolism and helps in relieving digestion problems. So, why wait? Sip a cup of green tea whenever you get time and stay fit.

Quick solution to acne problems

Based on its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is the best solution for acne problems. Rub moist tea leaves on your face before going to bed, and drink green tea every day morning. This will take care of your skin by getting rid of your troublesome acne and gives a natural glow to your face.

Protect your skin

Green tea helps in skin tightening and anti-ageing. Why waste time on botox when green tea can make you look younger day-by-day? Mix water, white sugar and green tea to prepare a scrub. This acts as a cleanser and helps to moisturize your skin by increasing the hydrating levels, thus exfoliating the skin.

Tea does magic to your hair as well

Tea is a good conditioner for dry and frizzy hair. Rub some freshly brewed tea (unsweetened) on your hair and allow it to dry before you rinse it off. Also, you can add some rosemary and sage (medicinal herb) to black tea and leave it over night. Strain the mixture and rub it on your hair for positive results.

Adios stinky feet

Many people do not approve of the idea of removing their socks only because of the foul smell that their feet emit. You don’t have to worry anymore as green tea leaves provide the best solution. Soak your feet in strongly brewed green tea for 20 minutes. It helps to close the pores that release sweat. Now you can walk indoors without any fear of being the one with smelly feet.

Tea leaves can control gum bleeding

By pressing moistened tea bags on your bleeding gums and applying pressure for 20 minutes, you can easily control the bleeding and pain. Tea leaves are known for their refreshing mouthwash properties as well. So, now you can make your own homemade mouthwash.

Calm yourself with tea leaves

Studies prove that tea leaves reduce stress in our mind and body. Stuff your pillow with sundried tea leaves and sew it. The fragrance gives a relaxed feeling and also helps to get rid of your body odour. These tea leaves can get soggy easily, therefore, sun drying them frequently is essential. They also help to reduce blood pressure and headache.

Charm each other with a cup of tea

Green tea contains caffeine, ginseng, L-thiamine which is known to have positive effect on sexual drive, especially on women. Pouring each other a cup of tea can initiate some romance between any couple. In this way, there is a chance of impressing each other, especially the newlyweds.

Now, who wouldn’t want a cup of tea when it provides heaps of benefits to stay young and fit?

A close friend’s wedding is coming up! All your attempts to lose weight have failed, and you’re getting panicky. You want to appear thinner instantly, without going to the gym in these last few days? And without those silly crash diets? Well, of course you do! Here’s how you can!

Stand up straight

Standing up straight will make you look thinner

When you improve your posture, not only do you visibly decrease your stomach fat, but you also gain confidence.

Wear proper fitting underwear

An ill fitting bra or underwear will make fat spill over. Wear the proper size and you will look a whole lot thinner.

Wear long fitting tops

Wearing a long fitting top or shirt will stretch out your torso and thus make you appear thinner.

Choose colours carefully

Choose your clothes’ colours wisely

Avoid bright colours and patterns as they make you appear bigger than you are. Dark colours are known to make your heavier sections appear smaller.

Shoes should match your body

The shoes you wear should match your body type and size. If you are on the heavier side, try and look out for bulkier shoes, and don’t go in for slender heels!


Another way to appear thinner is to distract everybody from your body and make them notice either your face (for makeup tips read – How to enhance your best features using makeup ) or your hair (for hairstyle tips read – Hairstyles that can make you look stylish instantly!).

Size of clothes

Wear the right size of clothes. Do not go in for a larger size or anything too tight. If you try to squeeze into a size 12 if you’re a size 16, then you are surely going to accentuate your body fat, even the little that there is.

Stay away from horizontal striped tops/t-shirts

Don’t wear horizontal striped t-shirts or tops as they made you appear wider. But if they are vertically striped, they make you appear thinner.

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Match your jewellery to your body shape and size. If you are a big and/or tall person, wear a bigger size chain.

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Black clothes

Black will always make you look thinner

If you don’t mind the colour, consider that black will always make you look thinner!