Tea is an aromatic beverage that is well known for health benefits that it provides. Many people drink tea for pure health reasons while many others drink because of their addiction to it. Tea has less caffeine compared to coffee, and doctors from across the globe recommend the habit of drinking tea regularly.

 Tea leaves can be a solution to various beauty problems also. Here are 10 beauty benefits that tea leaves offer.

Goodbye puffy eyes

Working overtime can give you puffy eyes. And, what if you have an important function to attend? How much concealer can you apply to make your eyes look normal? This is when tea leaves come to the rescue. Take two tea bags and soak them in warm water. Place the soaked tea bags on your closed eyes for 20 minutes. Tea leaves have natural astringent known as tannins which reduce the puffiness and removes dark circles under your eyes.

Sunburns can be handled as well

Many women worry about sunburns after their long summer holidays. Well, the good news is tea leaves help to provide relief to your sunburned skin. Put some tea leaves in your bath water and let your body soak in its goodness. This is will be the best solution for your itchy skin.

Lose excess weight in a jiffy

Studies prove that green tea drinkers lose weight faster than those who don’t. Also, green tea helps to balance the body weight after a period of weight loss. It also boosts your metabolism and helps in relieving digestion problems. So, why wait? Sip a cup of green tea whenever you get time and stay fit.

Quick solution to acne problems

Based on its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is the best solution for acne problems. Rub moist tea leaves on your face before going to bed, and drink green tea every day morning. This will take care of your skin by getting rid of your troublesome acne and gives a natural glow to your face.

Protect your skin

Green tea helps in skin tightening and anti-ageing. Why waste time on botox when green tea can make you look younger day-by-day? Mix water, white sugar and green tea to prepare a scrub. This acts as a cleanser and helps to moisturize your skin by increasing the hydrating levels, thus exfoliating the skin.

Tea does magic to your hair as well

Tea is a good conditioner for dry and frizzy hair. Rub some freshly brewed tea (unsweetened) on your hair and allow it to dry before you rinse it off. Also, you can add some rosemary and sage (medicinal herb) to black tea and leave it over night. Strain the mixture and rub it on your hair for positive results.

Adios stinky feet

Many people do not approve of the idea of removing their socks only because of the foul smell that their feet emit. You don’t have to worry anymore as green tea leaves provide the best solution. Soak your feet in strongly brewed green tea for 20 minutes. It helps to close the pores that release sweat. Now you can walk indoors without any fear of being the one with smelly feet.

Tea leaves can control gum bleeding

By pressing moistened tea bags on your bleeding gums and applying pressure for 20 minutes, you can easily control the bleeding and pain. Tea leaves are known for their refreshing mouthwash properties as well. So, now you can make your own homemade mouthwash.

Calm yourself with tea leaves

Studies prove that tea leaves reduce stress in our mind and body. Stuff your pillow with sundried tea leaves and sew it. The fragrance gives a relaxed feeling and also helps to get rid of your body odour. These tea leaves can get soggy easily, therefore, sun drying them frequently is essential. They also help to reduce blood pressure and headache.

Charm each other with a cup of tea

Green tea contains caffeine, ginseng, L-thiamine which is known to have positive effect on sexual drive, especially on women. Pouring each other a cup of tea can initiate some romance between any couple. In this way, there is a chance of impressing each other, especially the newlyweds.

Now, who wouldn’t want a cup of tea when it provides heaps of benefits to stay young and fit?

Women who love to flaunt long cascading hair are used to receiving compliments. Long hair looks classy and makes heads turn. But we’ve recently noticed a problem which is common with most women sporting long, straight one-length hair. Our female readers are falling short of easy hairstyles which make their mundane locks look striking. So, for the interests of our visitors, we decided to come up with some classy and quick hairstyle tutorials perfect for long hair. What’s more? The hairstyles which you’re gonna learn now require nothing but just a few elastics! Yes, that’s it. Now I’m sure you have enough reasons to try these super easy hairstyles with elastics.

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These hairstyles are perfect for everyday use as well as a special occasion. They look just as perfect with your classy pencil skirt when you’re headed for office and with you flowery dress when it’s time for a Sunday brunch with friends. In fact, you could jazz up these hairstyles with some embellished pins and give an edge to that classic evening gown. Head straight to a dinner party; be confident because you’ve done a great job by ditching those cliché buns and opting for something so refreshingly unique.

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With the encroaching summer season, it is gonna be all the important to keep your hair off your face. These hairstyles are your best bet at striking a perfect balance between style and comfort. These five-minute hairstyles are also perfect when you’re running late for work and don’t wanna go for the boring-open-hair look. Just grab a few elastics and start twisting, turning and knotting your mane. Voila! You’ve got the girl-next-door look in just a few minutes.

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Check out this tutorial by PatryJordan to learn some cool hairdos with elastics.

Bonus Tip: Floral crowns are a hit this season. Team up these super easy hairstyles with a pretty floral crown for the angelic look. Oh yes, you can thank us later! :)

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Don’t we all have days when we’re so confused about what to do with our tresses? Leave it open? No, it looks too blah… I leave it open every day! Then let’s make a braid. But who am I fooling, since when have I learnt to braid my hair perfectly? Maybe it’s the day for a sassy bun! But will my locks look all the more oily if I tie it all up? Arrgghhh 🙁

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I have days when I wake up and realise that it’s a good hair day… and plan to do ‘a little something’  with my hair. I dress up, do my makeup, comb through my hair and realise that I don’t know what ‘a little something’ is! Oh god… why me?

But finally I’ve found the answer to what ‘a little something’ means. Yayy… my eureka moment! What I had actually been vaguely imagining in my mind was a pretty headband. This beautiful girl-next-door element brings out the feminine side of a woman, even more so if you can actually create the look of a headband with your locks instead of using a readymade one. Intrigued? Read on to find out.

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This absolutely easy and super-duper-simple tutorial by PatryJordan shows us three stylish headband hairstyles created with pretty knots. These are so quick; you could sport them even when you’re running late for work. In fact, I could find no better way to keep hair away from my face even while flaunting the cascading length at the back.

Weren’t they absolutely stunning? However, remember to open the knots of your hair patiently; rushing through it could get it all tangled, especially with curly or wavy hair. We’ve taken our pick; which one of them are you sporting on your next date? 😉

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Do you happen to have an oval face? Yes? No? Confused? Here’s how you can be certain your face is oval. If the length of your face is more than the width, and if your forehead is wider than your chin, then voila! You, beautiful, have an oval face.

While most people don’t really care too much about considering their face shape before choosing a hairstyle, let us tell you that doing so will just take your overall look a few notches higher.

The bonus here is, oval faces are the ones that can pull off almost any hairstyle. So, now that we have identified that you have an oval face, and we have established that you need to have hairdos accordingly, let’s explore a few hairdos sported by celebs that totally helped them rock their beautiful, oval faces.

1. Boho Waves

Bohemian waves or boho waves are the perfect fit for people with oval faces and slightly longer hair. People with slightly curvy or wavy hair can effortlessly get this hairstyle. The soft wave-like curls grazing your shoulders and the lift on top just lend the perfect balance to your already dazzling face. It’s carefree, it’s casual, and it looks oh-so-good! For a boho hairstyle, take inspiration from Kate Hudson.

2. Bangs

If you have an oval face and you’re not too happy about the length, here’s a hairstyle you’ll love. Bangs are perhaps the only hairstyle that will not just make you look great but will also change the shape of your face. Bangs work very well to make your face look ‘less long’. And, if you want to be trendy, try curved bangs. Just straighten them out whenever you are stepping out to sport a flawless look, pretty much like what Beyonce had.

3. Pixie

Looking for a hairstyle that is smart, no-nonsense, and classy all rolled into one? A pixie fits the bill perfectly. Keep it nice and fluffy on top, and ensure that there’s some hair around your forehead as well that will double up as bangs, filling up the distance between your forehead and chin perfectly well. This works very well for round faces too! A celeb inspiration: Emma Watson’s soft pixie!

4. Long Layers

Who doesn’t love long hair? If you happen to have an oval face and long hair, the best way of making the most of both is by sporting long layers that accentuate the shape of your face and make you look like an absolute diva. Kate Middleton’s hairdo should help you understand how to carry the look with elegance and charm.

5. Side Parting

Did you fall in love with Jennifer Aniston’s luscious side-parted hairdo? So did we. Not just did it shift all the attention from the length of her face to her flawless hair, it also highlighted her cheekbones and chin, making her features look sharper. So, oval face, straight hair? Think no more! A side parting is the best way you can flaunt your beautiful locks.

So, be it a date, movie night, or simply a beach day with friends, complement your oval face with these hairstyles and be sure of making heads turn every time!

Summers can be a really bad time and more so for your skin. Daily tanning, scorching heat that literally burns your skin, sweating that turns into pigmentation and boils that leave nasty scars on the skin and what not. Taking care of your skin in summer can be a hefty job but with a few habits you can actually be free of stress about your skin. It can be as simple as eating or drinking the right stuff and applying the right beauty products. Read on for simple tips on how to take care of your skin this summer.

1) Keep Yourself Hydrated

As basic as it gets, DRINK WATER. Nothing can be as beneficial as water for your body and skin. Summer heat dries your body inside out, so to keep your skin healthy, you need to keep drinking enough water throughout the day. Minimum 3-4 litres of water is needed for the crucial level of moisture to be present in your body.

2) Exfoliate

Choose the right product to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of dead skin and other dirt out of your pour. Dirt that accumulates and comes out as pimples. Keep your skin fresh by using mint or cucumber exfoliator in summer.

3) Hide Your Skin

Yes, summers are hot and covering your skin doesn’t seem like a healthy option but trust us, exposing your skin can only do harm it. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing cotton or lose clothes.

4) SPF

Apply enough of sun screen every time you step out in sun. Choose the correct SPF according to the weather around your area. Remember, it’s not necessary to apply only once, apply 2-3 times in a day if you travel or work under sun for hours. Your skin needs some remedies and this sunscreen is going to provide it.

5) Right Supplements

There are n number of supplements that claim to heal your skin or make you look fairer. Don’t fall in such traps. Make sure whatever product you consume, it should benefit your immune system as well as your organs. Drinking or taking supplements for your digestive system can be really great if you are facing “toilet” issues, as it reflects on your skin.

Go for all natural products as such Dermadron by Ayusya Naturals. Natural herbs are always a safe bet.

‘Cosmetics enhance beauty’ is what most of us use them for. But, we hardly think that they can affect us more than we realize. Mounting research on this subject has raised certain concerns regarding the potential side effects of these products. The Chemicals present in the cosmetics and beauty products have shown various complications and side effects on the hormonal as well as the reproductive system of women.

Environmental chemicals and their effects on reproductive function have become a hot topic in the field of reproductive medicine. Most of the cosmetics including nail polish, anti-bacterial soaps, anti-aging creams, hair sprays and perfumes have a severe effect on female fertility due to the toxic chemicals present in it.

When asked the same question to Dr. Nitasha Gupta, Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist, Indira IVF Hospital from New Delhi, she had to say this, “In the recent years, several endocrine disrupting chemicals have been identified to affect abnormal ovarian function, miscarriages and female infertility. Soaps, the supreme germ killer, but antibacterial soap can also kill your chances of conceiving. Antibacterial soaps, contains chemical triclosan which is linked to endocrine disruption that mess up with your hormones and interfere with the reproductive system. Parabens are a type of preservative (soaps, shampoos and conditioner) used to prevent the growth of bacteria. But too much of it can have impact on fertility. When hormones are out of balance, the chances of creating healthy eggs or healthy sperm is reduced.”

Dr. Nitasha Gupta believes that beauty or cosmetics products do harm the fertility of a woman. In her opinion, With the presence of many volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, Phthalate like dibutyl Phthalate (DPT) and toluene as ingredients in nail polish, these chemicals pose a high risk to cause fertility issues, misconception and even birth defects. Women who polish their nails very frequently are at a greater concern in terms of facing fertility issues. Phthalates are known to cause infertility in both the males and females. It is sometimes advised for the people working in beauty salons for hours to take precautionary measures.

“Polish removers contain toxic chemicals too including acetone, methyl methacrylate, toluene and ethyl acetate. The most commonly used chemical is a solvent named toluene which is often used in cosmetics for getting glossy finish. This chemical is known to affect the central Nervous System (CNS) and harm to the reproductive system. Another such chemical which is more profound in beauty products are the phthalates, which are also a reason for disrupting the hormone levels, impairs fertility and aids in building up of breast milk during pregnancy. A chemical found in nail polish – TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate) is immediately metabolized to DPHP (diphenyl phosphate) and can put women at an elevated risk of fertility problems.

Exposure to these chemicals puts you at a higher risk of miscarrying and the baby at risk for physical and mental birth defects. The defects may include preterm birth, increased chances of miscarriage, learning problems and cognitive impairment, behavioral issues and even damage to the kidney, brain and the nervous system.

“So, we need to give a thought about the safety of the products before we use them. Excess use of beauty products can be disastrous to pregnancy and the chances of conceiving may reduce drastically owing to their serious effects on reproductive environment. Though IVF treatments help in conceiving, avoiding use of such chemicals is advisable, as even after conception, continued excess usage can cause miscarriage and birth defects.” Added Dr Gupta.

With pretty long hair, there are a zillion ways to style them. Colour them, curl them, use extensions, twist them, tease them, fold them, braid them..let your imagination run wild with those waist-length bangs.

Read these out of the box ideas to style your beautiful long locks.

1)    Waves with Spiral Curls

Waves are best suited for long hair. Wave them up and highlight those wavy bangs in golden. Go for spiral curls towards the end.

2)    Fishtail Braid

The classic fishtail braid is a match for all your outfits. Give your simple fish braid, the unusual messy look to stand out in the crowd.

3)    Shiny Waves

Look glamorous in these shiny waves. Try some leave-in conditioner after washing your hair and let them air dry. Use some glossy serum to add shine to your hair. Then, puff up your crown section and put them all on one side.

4)    Layered Hair

Simple yet trendy! Layered straight hair has always been the choice of several fashionistas. You can puff it up a bit of your crown section and hide the very front layers behind the ear to get the full effect.

5)    Voluminous Curls

Rock this look if you have dry and rough hair. Get a heat treatment for your naturally curly hair to get these voluminous curls. Wear these curls to the next concert with your leather jacket.

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6)    Soft Curls

If you’re not in for an entire curly look then, try these soft curls to get your hair a little curled up at the back. Let the front remain straight so that the back takes the limelight.

7)    Messy Braid

Try the messy braid when you wanna go for that laid-back, casual look. This is your go-to Sunday-look when you’re lazing around in your pajamas and suddenly, your sister suggests going for a movie.

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8)    The Sweet-Girl Half Ponytail

Sport on the half ponytail for the girl next door look! Twist up the crown section and curl the remaining hair to give an edge to your look.

Wear these hairstyles to amp up your style quotient!

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Photo Credit: http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/styling-long-hair/

A basic guide to applying makeup while adorning a fresh look that makes people look at you twice!

Heat and humidity can kill your plans of applying a lot of makeup and may make your skin look rather dull and lifeless. Here are a few basic ways to look refreshing and gorgeous with minimal makeup on a hot and humid day!

1) Care for your skin- Unfriendly weather conditions affect your skin the most, especially your face because that skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Make sure you wash your face multiple times a day, often with just water or some mild face wash. Use some home remedies like Doodh Haldi.

2) Stay hydrated- Drink loads of water to flush out the toxins from your system. Water also makes your skin tight and wrinkle-free.

3) Know your skin type- If your skin is oily, avoid foundation or primer while you head out. A light layer of compact powder will be a good idea even with heat and humidity. If you have dry skin, a primer is an apt option.

4) Don’t use excessive powders- Do not overdo your face with contouring or highlighting as perspiration will ruin your look. A concealer can be used.

5) Waterproof eyeliner- You wouldn’t want to look like someone punched you in the eye! Make sure you avoid pencil eyeliners as they smudge with sweat. Use waterproof eyeliner to keep it lasting for long despite the weather.

6) Apply liner only on the upper waterline- Apply a fine line only on the waterline to enhance your eyes at the same time give a no makeup look. Avoid mascara on your lower eyelashes. Use just one coat for your upper lashes.

7) Exfoliate your lips- Chapped lips may ruin your look even though you have applied a beautiful shade of lipstick. Don’t forget to keep your lips moist and chap-free with the help mild scrubs or honey and sugar before you apply your lipstick.

8) Keep it glossy- Gloss will make your face glow and will give you elegance.

We all agree that our hair is our pride! That wavy-hair look or the sleek-hair look can add sass to the simplest of outfits. We all know that one friend, who always has perfectly groomed, shiny, straight-out-of a commercial locks. As difficult as it seems, we’re here to help you get started by sharing with you our shower tips for healthy and silky, smooth hair.

Have you ever felt that your hair does not look all that great even after a hair wash? Are you washing your hair right? Following all these instructions will turn your shower into spa immediately. Listed here are some tips that will help you get that lovely mane in no time!

1. Avoid Hot Water

Use cold water to rinse hair to make hair shiny and to seal moisture in hair. Cold water closes the cuticles and locks the moisture which eventually makes your hair look shiny. Hot water can increase frizz and can make your hair drier.

2. Shampoo Right

When shampooing, make sure to distribute the product evenly—instead of pouring it on top of your head, work your way around. Your roots and nape are keys areas to shampoo. Lather the product only at the scalp and then come towards the roots. Concentrate on scalp rather than roots. Try using a shampoo with less chemicals to avoid damage to your hair.

3. Conditioning Is Important

Squeeze water out of your hair after shampooing. Avoid applying the conditioner on the roots, because that can cause your scalp to get greasy faster.

4. Don’t Shampoo Often

You need to shower frequently enough to keep your hair clean and in good condition, but not so frequently as to strip your hair of its natural oils. Excessive shampooing can damage your hair and can make them dry brittle due to chemicals it contains. That is why it is advised to shampoo only twice or maximum thrice a week is sufficient.

5. Brush Properly

Wet hair is susceptible to breakage, hence use a comb instead of brushing it. Brushing from the roots causes damage – always brush from the bottom and work your way upwards.

Try all the above tips and we guarantee you lustrous and healthy hair that will make heads turn the next time you’re at a party!

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