Summers can be a really bad time and more so for your skin. Daily tanning, scorching heat that literally burns your skin, sweating that turns into pigmentation and boils that leave nasty scars on the skin and what not. Taking care of your skin in summer can be a hefty job but with a few habits you can actually be free of stress about your skin. It can be as simple as eating or drinking the right stuff and applying the right beauty products. Read on for simple tips on how to take care of your skin this summer.

1) Keep Yourself Hydrated

As basic as it gets, DRINK WATER. Nothing can be as beneficial as water for your body and skin. Summer heat dries your body inside out, so to keep your skin healthy, you need to keep drinking enough water throughout the day. Minimum 3-4 litres of water is needed for the crucial level of moisture to be present in your body.

2) Exfoliate

Choose the right product to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of dead skin and other dirt out of your pour. Dirt that accumulates and comes out as pimples. Keep your skin fresh by using mint or cucumber exfoliator in summer.

3) Hide Your Skin

Yes, summers are hot and covering your skin doesn’t seem like a healthy option but trust us, exposing your skin can only do harm it. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing cotton or lose clothes.

4) SPF

Apply enough of sun screen every time you step out in sun. Choose the correct SPF according to the weather around your area. Remember, it’s not necessary to apply only once, apply 2-3 times in a day if you travel or work under sun for hours. Your skin needs some remedies and this sunscreen is going to provide it.

5) Right Supplements

There are n number of supplements that claim to heal your skin or make you look fairer. Don’t fall in such traps. Make sure whatever product you consume, it should benefit your immune system as well as your organs. Drinking or taking supplements for your digestive system can be really great if you are facing “toilet” issues, as it reflects on your skin.

Go for all natural products as such Dermadron by Ayusya Naturals. Natural herbs are always a safe bet.

Open pores gives you an appearance of premature aging. Usually, those with the oily skin type are largely affected by this problem. The most common cause of open pores is acne infection and picking on pimples. The pores may be most apparent on the nose, cheek and chin where the oil concentration is higher. However, if you are willing to take that extra effort to take care of your skin, you can conceal such open pores and make your skin healthier than it is.


Exfoliate your skin but not too often

Most people with open pores tend to think that scrubbing the skin excessively can cause the pores to appear closed. However, over-exfoliation can worsen the problem. Make sure you exfoliate only once or at the most twice a week without being too harsh on your skin.


Refrain from popping pimples

When you pop a pimple, your pores get damaged and this prevents it from returning to its original size. Rather, use some soothing remedy than touching a pimple, so that you can prevent scarring and open pores.


Sunscreen can prevent collagen degradation

Everyone seems to overlook the advantages of sunscreen and settle for a natural tan. However, sunscreen actually prevents damage from ultraviolet rays rather than just tanning. Collagen degradation can cause open pores as well, and if you use sunscreen effectively you can manage to keep your collagen levels optimal.

Home remedies

There are several home remedies for open pores

There are several home remedies to help with this problem. Lemon juice, aloe vera, curd, honey and vinegar and apricot are some ingredients that are usually used to prevent swollen open pores.


Microdermabrasion is a method used to reduce open pores

Another way to reduce the size of the pores is with microdermabrasion. This method is normally conducted by a healthcare specialist. In this technique, fine crystals are used to mechanically peel the skin that helps to reduce open pores.

Many of us indulge in temporary skin care cover-ups that damage our skin in the long run. You must realise that health of your skin will deteriorate with age and therefore you must take care of it with utmost care today. Try to stay away from these bad habits and keep your skin healthy and enduring.

Over exfoliating

Although exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and removes clogged dirt from pores, if this is overdone it can damage your skin. Generally, exfoliating twice a week with a natural product, devoid of harsh chemicals, is enough.

Biting lips

If you have dry chapped lips, you may feel that licking or chewing can work a charm, however this will do nothing but severely dehydrate them. Try investing in a lip scrub to remove rough skin from your lips and then moisturize with a lip balm.

Squeezing pimples

We may convince ourselves that acne squeezing helps, but the only help it could give you is temporary. This will only worsen the situation over time and even cause acne scarring.

Using too much product

When it comes to skin care, try to keep it simple. Most people layer their skin with moisturizers, sunscreen lotions and makeup products.  Extra product building up on your skin can irritate it. Try cutting down on excessive products on your skin and let it breathe.

Not changing sheets and pillow cases

Often our pillow cases become a haven of bacteria and dirt. Staying exposed all day makes it an easy target to harvest bacteria. Change your pillow cases and bed sheets often and dust it once in a while.

Taking very hot showers

They certainly feel nice, but they can wreck havoc on your skin’s lipid barriers, leading to drier skin. This can also lead to acne as your pores are opening due to severe continuous heat. Lukewarm water is advisable, and keep the showers short instead of exposing your skin to heat for such extended periods of time.