Women who love to flaunt long cascading hair are used to receiving compliments. Long hair looks classy and makes heads turn. But we’ve recently noticed a problem which is common with most women sporting long, straight one-length hair. Our female readers are falling short of easy hairstyles which make their mundane locks look striking. So, for the interests of our visitors, we decided to come up with some classy and quick hairstyle tutorials perfect for long hair. What’s more? The hairstyles which you’re gonna learn now require nothing but just a few elastics! Yes, that’s it. Now I’m sure you have enough reasons to try these super easy hairstyles with elastics.

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These hairstyles are perfect for everyday use as well as a special occasion. They look just as perfect with your classy pencil skirt when you’re headed for office and with you flowery dress when it’s time for a Sunday brunch with friends. In fact, you could jazz up these hairstyles with some embellished pins and give an edge to that classic evening gown. Head straight to a dinner party; be confident because you’ve done a great job by ditching those cliché buns and opting for something so refreshingly unique.

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With the encroaching summer season, it is gonna be all the important to keep your hair off your face. These hairstyles are your best bet at striking a perfect balance between style and comfort. These five-minute hairstyles are also perfect when you’re running late for work and don’t wanna go for the boring-open-hair look. Just grab a few elastics and start twisting, turning and knotting your mane. Voila! You’ve got the girl-next-door look in just a few minutes.

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Check out this tutorial by PatryJordan to learn some cool hairdos with elastics.

Bonus Tip: Floral crowns are a hit this season. Team up these super easy hairstyles with a pretty floral crown for the angelic look. Oh yes, you can thank us later! :)

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Don’t we all have days when we’re so confused about what to do with our tresses? Leave it open? No, it looks too blah… I leave it open every day! Then let’s make a braid. But who am I fooling, since when have I learnt to braid my hair perfectly? Maybe it’s the day for a sassy bun! But will my locks look all the more oily if I tie it all up? Arrgghhh 🙁

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I have days when I wake up and realise that it’s a good hair day… and plan to do ‘a little something’  with my hair. I dress up, do my makeup, comb through my hair and realise that I don’t know what ‘a little something’ is! Oh god… why me?

But finally I’ve found the answer to what ‘a little something’ means. Yayy… my eureka moment! What I had actually been vaguely imagining in my mind was a pretty headband. This beautiful girl-next-door element brings out the feminine side of a woman, even more so if you can actually create the look of a headband with your locks instead of using a readymade one. Intrigued? Read on to find out.

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This absolutely easy and super-duper-simple tutorial by PatryJordan shows us three stylish headband hairstyles created with pretty knots. These are so quick; you could sport them even when you’re running late for work. In fact, I could find no better way to keep hair away from my face even while flaunting the cascading length at the back.

Weren’t they absolutely stunning? However, remember to open the knots of your hair patiently; rushing through it could get it all tangled, especially with curly or wavy hair. We’ve taken our pick; which one of them are you sporting on your next date? 😉

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