Once your pregnancy is confirmed, there are several precautions you are bound to consider. There are umpteen books that guide and provide a step-by-step process and there is your family to shower loads of love till the tiny one finally enters the world.

Here are five things you should do without fail when you are pregnant.

1: Visit the doctor regularly

Your pre-natal appointments are important as they help to run a check on your vitals. It is essential to know the health condition of your baby from time to time; this determines how well you are doing. The doctor will assist you through your medications and prescribe necessary vitamins that may be lacking in your body. Therefore, prioritise appointments with your doctor.

2: Get your recommended dose of folic acid every day

What you eat will help in your baby’s growth. Therefore, having quality amount of folic acid in the food you consume is important. Folic acid reduces heart and spinal problems for the baby. Studies have shown that women who eat food rich in folic acid before and during their pregnancy have the least chance of having a baby with neural tube defect. Spinach, sprouts and green beans are rich in folic acid, but this is not enough for the baby.  Women suffering from medical issues like diabetes and sickle cell disease have to consume food highly rich in folic acid. It is better you consult your doctor to get the prescription for the daily dose of folic acid in your food.

3: It is important to stay relaxed

It is a common fact that women attend to household chores while men work. There might be situations when the washing machine, phone and food need attention at the same time. It is important for pregnant women to stay calm and take things at ease. If it is necessary for you to do the cleaning and washing, do them one at a time. Make sure you take frequent breaks to rest. Stress increases the chances of premature birth and, in some cases, abnormal baby. If you need help, join a local support group for pregnant women. Interacting with them can make you feel light. Who knows, they might have the same problems that you have. Sharing is caring; share your problems with them. In that way, you can make friends as well as be stress-free.

If you are a working woman, do not sit in front of your desk the whole day. Take frequent breaks and walk along the corridor of your office for some time. Excessive use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets does no good to your baby. Take snacks to office. Being pregnant can cause morning sickness; small snacks help you through such situations. Most important of all, do not forget to drink a lot of water.

4: Don’t be idle in your free time

Make the most out of your free time. Be it reading books or watching movies. Make sure it is the most entertaining hobby in your list. Watch a comedy film and laugh out loud. When the mother is happy, the baby automatically tends to be happy; this is the beauty of bearing a child. If you find joy in shopping, then retail therapy it is. Do anything, but do not sit idle in your free time. It will eventually end up as stress which is no good to you and your baby.

5: Have your own pregnancy photo shoot

Memories last a life time. Have a photo shoot every month to know the gradual growth of your baby’s temporary residence – your tummy. Else, take pictures with your family, friends and other relatives and don’t forget to focus the camera on your bump. Baby shower is the best time to click pictures. Proudly flaunt your bump in front of the camera and record your memories. Looking back at these pictures will give you a proud feeling. A miracle is inside your tummy. You are bearing a tiny baby in your womb. Who knows, tomorrow when your child grows up, he/she may want to see your gleaming face when you were pregnant with them.

Being pregnant is a gift, enjoy it.

There have been hurried marriages in Bollywood, followed by baby announcements soon after. Well, we’re talking about actresses who evidently got pregnant before tying the knot! Here we take a look at some of them.

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One of the only Bollywood actresses who admitted she was pregnant before marriage was Sridevi. The actress was reportedly around seven months pregnant when she tied the knot with freshly divorced Boney Kapoor. They got married in 1996 and Jhanvi was born a couple of months following the wedding.

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Konkona Sen Sharma

Konkona was dating Ranveer Shorey before marrying him in September 2010. The couple soon announced the birth of a baby boy in early 2011. Too soon? We’d like to think so.

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Sarika married Kamal Haasan who was an already married man. The two started living together after Kamal divorced his wife, and Sarika was soon pregnant with Shruti Haasan. Later on, the couple tied the knot, only to separate later.

Amrita Arora

Amrita was in a relationship with businessman Shakeel Ladak and after her pregnancy news broke out, the couple decided to tie the knot.

Celina Jaitley

Celina married her Australian boyfriend Peter Haag after denying reports of pregnancy. The marriage was in July 2011, while she delivered twin babies in March 2012. Do the math.

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Mahima Choudhary

No sooner than the news of her marriage broke out did she announce the birth of a child. Nothing was left but to assume that Mahima was pregnant much before marriage.

Children always fancy owning pets at home. Many children pester their parents to gift kittens and puppies for their birthdays. If you are a pet lover and have approved the idea of owning one at home, here are a few tips and ideas to help you initiate an amicable relationship between your children and the four-footed newcomer.

Deciding on the pet

Now that you have decided to own a pet, it is important for you to know which kind you want to adopt. First, you must know that a bigger pet requires a bigger house. If your house is small and if you think dogs may eventually find it difficult to walk around, buy goldfish or guinea pigs. Fishes stay in tanks, thus requiring a small space. Also, take into consideration your children’s age. Children need to get along with pets at home; therefore it is important for you to think about your children’s age before you allow the two to bond with each other.

Train your pet to maintain routines

Prepare pet schedule that will help you train your pet on a daily basis. Allow your children to help you in the process. Make them do small work like changing water or feeding your pet. In this way, your children can lay a foundation to new friendship with their pet. Take your children along with you while visiting the vet for routine check-ups.

Don’t be rude

If your children forget to feed the pet or walk him in the evening, don’t shout or punish them. Allow your children to make mistakes. Explain the consequences to them. They understand facts faster when explained patiently rather than with a rough tone. This way, help them understand and learn things. By handling the situation calmly, you are reassuring the bond between your children and your pet. Encourage them to apologise to your pet for forgetting to feed it. Making conversations with your pets helps in bonding better.

Teach team work to your kids

Divide the work among your children and give them individual work to bond with the pet. Ask one kid to feed the pet time-to-time while the other does potty training. Exchange the schedules on a weekly basis and make sure they actively participate in the bonding process.

Timely check on your kid’s behaviour towards the pet

While some children jump in joy to welcome the newcomer, others may not like the sudden attention that your new pet receives. Some children show their anger by throwing things at the pet. During situations like this, sit and explain the benefits of having a pet at home. Ensure that the pet can be a best friend to your child provided he is treated well. Also, monitor your child time-to-time to ensure that he treats your pet well.

Don’t forget to click pictures of your children bonding with the pet. Children and pets are the cutest combination ever and capturing those moments will be the best way of freezing it.