At some point in her life, every girl dreams of having that special man who takes care of her and pampers her. As soon as that happens, she knows she has someone to call her own for a lifetime. Love is a special journey that two people embark on and promise to walk together for eternity. It is a feeling out of this world that actually makes you learn what butterflies in stomach and violins in the air are! However, with hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles, your love life is sure to take a backseat and work becomes priority. Walk that extra kilometre to bring in some sunshine and celebrate the man you are head-over-heels in love with, starting right away. Try and make a usual day into an extraordinary one with a meaningful gesture, a cute promise or a valuable and memorable gift that marks the beginning of a journey of a lifetime. So how do you plan to celebrate your day of love? What we opine is that it shouldn’t as dry and cold as every other day you spend with your beloved. That won’t help you discover what everlasting love is like. A candle-lit dinner or a surprise getaway are too old school and may sound like fantastic ideas, but hold on… they are nothing what most people do now. Dinners and visits to unusual places is very common. Do something that sweeps her off her feet. We say go out of your way by investing in a gift for that special person in your life as the amount you would splurge in for a lavish dinner, with same you can bring a smile onto her face that would always stay affixed. A gift that will remind you of your day of love and probably last lifelong. Be it the day of your proposal, your engagement ceremony or a wedding anniversary, there’s no better way to celebrate these very special days than with a valuable gift like eternal platinum jewellery. As eternal love deserves something that is unforgettable and stays with you forever hence, what could be better than platinum. Platinum jewellery has always been a favourite pick for the ones who enjoy flaunting the very best. And we believe as a rare and precious white metal, platinum has lived up to its stature in every way. Right from top notch celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood, all have brick-walled their life-long relationships with this wonder metal. Be it love bands or pendants and even neck pieces and bracelets; pamper your love with something that will be eternally precious – platinum jewellery. After all, what better way to commemorate your timeless love than with an enduring and everlasting metal that promises to always take you back on the journey of your relationship and make you live your memories whenever you want to. The essence of your love will always linger with between you two and will never decay.

Say it with a platinum ring

It’s Valentine’s Day and so you must be planning a special night for your better half. May it be a dinner date or a long drive off a shore, in any case you’ll be needing the most romantic songs to set the right mood and get things going. Check out the best love songs below to create the perfect playlist for you valentine.

1) Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

This song by American singer-songwriter Christina Perri and David Hodges is taken from the album The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 and is loved by almost every woman on earth.

2) Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love

This one is a pop ballad originally recorded by American singer Elvis Presley. The melody is based on “Plaisir d’amour“, a popular romance by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini (1784), and will surely take your back in the 70s and 80s.

3) Sam Smith – How Will I Know

Sam Smith’s soothing voice is always a win for romance. His slowed- down rendition of ‘How Will I Know‘ by Whitney Houston is truly beautiful.

4) Adam Levine – Lost Stars

Lost Stars” is an original song performed by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for the romantic comedy-drama film Begin Again.

5) Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran is best known for his smiley personality and this song does put up a smile on your face. Sheeran refers to this song as “walking down the aisle song“. In the lyrics, Sheeran reflects on “getting older and fidelity and love in a fairly conventional context“.

6) John Legend – Love Me Now

The music video is directed by Nabil Elderkin and depicts couples from various cultures expressing their love to each other. It also features Legend with his wife Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna Simone Stephens.

7) Dierks Bentley – Come A Little Closer

Here’s a little country song for lovers who enjoy this genre. This Dierks Bentley diddy is from his 2005 album “Modern Day Drifter” and Taste of Country reports that Bentley was 30 years old at that time.

8) Zayn Maik And Taylor Swift – I don’t Wanna Live Forever

Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift released a music video for their duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever“. The song is also featured in the sequel “Fifty Shades Darker“.

9) Ariana Grande – Into You

Ariana Grande’s upbeat hit song “Into You” is about love, but it’s more of a dance hit. So you can pull your partner close and have a slow couple dance on this song.

10) Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You do

Love Me like You Do” is a song recorded by English singer Ellie Goulding for the soundtrack to the film Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). “Love Me like You Do” is a mid-tempo electropop power ballad, with instrumentation consisting of massive synths and crushing drums. Lyrically similar to the film’s theme, the song talks about the uncontrollable feeling of falling in love and being seduced by someone whose touch leaves her begging for more, even when it hurts.

Tinder dates can be pretty nerve wrecking. You have no idea what to expect yet somehow end up imagining all sorts of scenarios of how the date should or will go. You may get over excited or be so nervous that it causes the date to go downhill. It’s not your fault, after all you don’t know much about the other person with your two-dimensional experience through the Tinder app. Now you’re just sitting somewhere and you open the app, you check out a few people and swipe someone right. Well, the story starts there and you have yourself a date. A date that can turn into the best decisions of your life or even your worst nightmare. Trying to have “the perfect date” actually ruins the date. A Perfect date doesn’t exist. But there are a lot of other small things you could do and some that you should NEVER to make the date worthwhile. So, here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts for a Tinder date.


Telling them your sob story

Never get into a conversation where you tell them about the safe in your house that contains tons of cash. Talking about your secrets or deep shit is a big NO NO for your tinder date. It will always give out the wrong impression about you.

Don’t ask boring questions

The part when you guys match and start chatting is where you ask “So, what do you do?” “Where are you from?” and not on your first date. Asking those questions through texting seems fine but it becomes interrogative on a date.

Being too nice

It might get creepy after a while of being too nice. Or you may be taken for granted. Either ways, be chill and let the date flow. You can’t control everything. You’re not there to make sure they have a great time, you’re there so you can have a great date with that person.

Don’t be touchy

Being too close and touchy can make the other person awkwardly uncomfortable. Learn their vibe, give both yourselves time to be comfortable and the make a move. If you straight up start touching them, even if in friendly ways, it comes off as sexual. People, at times, love their space and need be stay that way. So, take note!


Pick a place that you’re familiar with

When you choose a café or restaurant that you often go gives you a sense of comfort. Being comfortable is must, if things go south you’ll know what to do. You’ll know what next to do after, what places are nearby and so on. It a major plus point for you.

Create your own vibe

Don’t wait for the other one to start talking, be the first one to create a great aura. Many things can go wrong, the food can be tasteless or the music too loud. But make sure your presence is radiant and the other person enjoys the date.

Get to know each other

As clichés as it sounds and most common, it is the most important aspect for any kind of date. You have to be open about yourself, be true, be honest, also keep the conversation light. Don’t bring up any serious topics and try avoiding opening old wounds.

Plan the dessert in some other place

By doing so, you get to spend some more time with your date. Perhaps walking to the other place that gives you time to talk about more stuff and hit it off. It also shows efforts which are almost always appreciate or even rewarded. 😉

Tell us the most special part of your first tinder date or may be the worst experience you had on a tinder date in the comment section below! 😀

Isn’t the weather just romantic? The cloudy sky, cold breeze, the damp atmosphere, everything about monsoon is romantic. You either feel like eating all the hot stuff in the kitchen or simply just cuddle up under a blanket in your bed. You can say this weather is perfect for ‘Netflix and Chill’ ;). We’ve got a movie list prepped up for you to binge watch it with your other half, special someone, your honey boo or whatever sweet adorable names you’ve got for them, being all snuggled up and simply enjoy these movies in the rains.

1) 50 first dates

50 First Dates is a warm yet funny love story. It is about a man who falls for a girl who suffers from short-term memory loss. She remembers only the days before her accident and she waked up believing it’s her birthday every day because she cannot remember anything beyond that day. So, this guy tries to woo her every single day, prays that she falls in love with him for that day and most importantly, he loves her without any conditions.

2) P.S. I Love You

This movie might make you shed a few tears but is surely worth watching. It is about a young widow who starts her life afresh with the help of ten notes that her late husband has left for her.

3) A Walk To Remember

It is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful story of a guy who falls in love with a girl who has a terminal disease, and how the couple spends their last days together. P.S. – Keep a tissue box handy.

4) Shakespeare In Love

This movie depicts Shakespeare as a struggling playwright/actor who is out of ideas and searching for a muse. That’s when he meets Viola de Lesseps, an aspiring stage actress who loves Shakespeare’s plays but must pose as a man to follow her dream because women aren’t allowed to act. The two have an instant connection, and the comedy of errors that follows ends up inspiring Romeo and Juliet. Again, this love story isn’t true, but it’ll make you see Shakespeare’s most famous play in a whole new light.

5) Love Aaj Kal

A couple part their ways because they move to different places to pursue their career. But they say it right, love knows no boundaries, and the distance actually makes them realise their feelings for each other.

6) The Notebook

This is one of the movies you can watch again and again with your partner and still not feel bored. The story is set in 1940s where a young and not-so-affluent man falls in love with a rich woman. Soon, they are separated because of their social differences. What happens next? Well, you need to watch the movie for that.

7) About Time

From the man behind Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary comes this uplifting flick about a young man who realizes he has the ability to time travel. A wonderful reminder to cherish each and every day (and also that Rachel McAdams is amazing in everything).

Please tell us your favorite romantic movie to watch with your partner in the comment section below <3

ORGASM, there I said it! What is so taboo about it? Wait, is it that we aren’t allowed to talk about women orgasm or that it isn’t so important and hence it’s fading. What is so wrong if a woman wants to pleasure herself? Are only men allowed to be happy and their satisfaction is of utmost importance? Women-centric four short stories that makeup ‘Lust Stories‘, talk about subjects people usually avoid. What women are neglected and how they need to accept whatever that’s served on the plate.

Anurag Kashyap showed us how a woman becomes obsessive and possessive if she’s void of love or lonely. She enters into this clandestine affair with her eyes open, speaking of Amrita Pritam and Draupadi, and soon finds herself consumed by it, stalking the young man and wanting more, more, more. We are indeed watching a woman unravel, but we are also watching a woman lose control to possessiveness, reduced to behaving the way a man would.

Zoya Akhtar’s story may just be love without words. A sexual relationship between a bachelor and a maid who works for him. Until his parents arrive and find him a girl to marry. It is a minimal, beautiful film with Akhtar gradually and lovingly fetishising the very act of cleaning a house even as the maid begins to grow wistful. She enjoys screwing the master but it cannot lead anywhere. She knows she has no right to expect more, something she is reminded when she sees a fellow maid thrilled with discarded finery, and yet her hands tremble. For she can only dream but can never achieve it!

Banerjee showed us where actually a woman stands in most marriages, with her husband and her children. How she can be made so guilty for finding happiness in her life. For a woman to ask for a divorce is a sin. And how complicated things become, it is not okay to cheat on your spouse, but what if you are dead being with that person? You can’t leave your partner either, so what choice is she left with?

Karan Johar left us all with laughs but created a huge AF impact on many mindsets as well! To not be guilty to love yourself, and be proud of it. Being a woman, giving birth to children isn’t your only happiness. A shy young bride, having considered her entire life right upto the wedding-night as foreplay, quickly tires of the five-second intercourse her husband loves so much. Love is something that is still a taboo in our culture. Sadly, we still don’t have that many love marriages, we are not allowed to date, and our parents still decide who you are going to spend your life with.

From being possessive, not being able to dream big and make amends with your life, from having to be in a marriage that sucks the life out of you to be ashamed of loving yourself, women go through these phases and nobody wants to talk about it! Sex, marriage, divorce, affair, orgasm and lust, something that shouldn’t be taboo anymore and people need to speak up about it.

The former One Direction member Liam Payne and singer/judge Cheryl took to Twitter to announce their breakup after having a relationship of two years and a baby named ‘Bear’ together.

Liam wrote to his fans, “Cheryl and I are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It’s been a tough decision for us to make. We still have so much love for each other as a family. Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together.

Meanwhile, Cheryl too tweeted about the same and quite roughly wrote the exact same statement. The two began dating all the way back in 2015, and their son Bear, 1, was born just last year on March 22, 2017. In announcing his birth, Liam wrote on Instagram, “I’m incredibly lucky to welcome our new baby boy into the world. It’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favorite memory I have so far.

Check out their tweets here:

Cheryl’s relationship with Payne began after her divorce from French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. She was previously married to the former England footballer Ashley Cole. Payne, originally from Wolverhampton, has gone on to forge a successful solo career after One Direction decided to take a break in 2015, with his song ‘Strip That Down’ being streamed globally more than a billion times. In March, Payne admitted he and Cheryl had relationship “struggles“, amid tabloid press reports about their life together.

Here are some adorable pictures of the former couple that’ll make you even more so sad about their breakup!

First off, Negging isn’t cool and no one should put up with a person’s negging. It is done purely to put a person down so much against their will to get what they want out of you. It can also be said as a form of manipulation and that is very toxic in any relationship!

What exactly is negging?

Negging is an act of emotional manipulation whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise flirtatious remark to another person to undermine their confidence and increase their need of the manipulator’s approval.

Why Negging is an Actual Form of Abuse in Relationships?

Abuse comes in many shapes and forms, sometimes it’s not easy to spot, and sometimes it might not even come across as abuse, but all abuse, no matter the form, takes an emotional toll. One form of verbal abuse is known as negging. It occurs when an individual makes a backhanded compliment or insult that is designed to undermine that person’s confidence while simultaneously giving the insulter attention as they strive for their approval. In other words, one partner is constantly putting down the other one to get attention.

So now we know what negging is and many of us, who are in a relationship might’ve remembered many things their partners have said, which may be negging, if not so sure yet, read these few signs which will tell you whether you are in a toxic relationship or not!

1) They’re Narcissist

People who are never wrong while they put everyone down and talk themselves UP, are infact, NARCISSIST. A narcissist might seem ‘open‘ with you but in reality, they just love to talk about themselves, and aren’t actually interested in what’s going on in your life. If there is… a lack of vulnerability or sharing of true feelings or interests, not only can this start to paint the picture of what may be a narcissist, but you (might be) being negged.

2) Their compliments are always backhanded

“Wow, you’re actually pretty smart!” or “You can be so beautiful when you have makeup on!” By pointing out a negative, the (one being negged) focuses on the flaw and starts trying to fix it and gain their partner’s approval. If your partner seems to exclusively give you backhanded compliments that leave you feeling hurt and puzzled instead of bolstered and happy, that could mean they’re negging you.

3) They compare you to their exes

Occasionally mentioning an ex when it’s relevant is totally normal in a relationship. But if you’re being constantly compared to an ex by your partner, it’s probably because they’re trying to make you feel insecure and second-best as a way to make you want to ‘prove yourself‘ by sticking around. Not only they are feeding negative thoughts about your ownself into your mind but also manipulating you to be in a way your partner wants you to be.

4) They’re always so busy

Sorry babe I’m busy doing work”, “Hey I can’t meet I’m too busy” Obviously, sometimes people are just genuinely too busy to hang out. But if you’re seeing someone who is always too busy for you and makes no real effort to meet up or plan dates, that’s a red flag. Claiming to be busy all the time is a desperate attempt to show their pseudo-importance.

5) You’re the butt of the joke

Having to be able to joke around your partner and sharing laughs is great for a healthy relationship but constantly being the topic to be joked about, whether your insecurities or your habits and appearance can put your self-confidence down under the bus. If your partner often uses you as the butt of the joke that could be their way of trying to subtly put you down while passing it off as ‘humor’.

What to do if you are being negged?

If you have come to notice about your partner’s backhand compliments or jokes, or how busy their schedule is, the best you can do is to have a one-on-one conversation with them about this. You need to address the elephant in the room or it’ll damage you mentally.

Your partner’s reaction will say it all: if they’re shocked, upset, and willing to work on their behavior, then it might be worthwhile to give them a chance. But if your partner dismisses your feelings and refuses to take any blame, that’s your cue to GTFO of the relationship before their controlling, manipulative behavior escalates.

We hope this article helped you, share it with your friends, you never what really goes on inside any happy looking relationship, right?

“I’ll be there for you….”

I need not tell you the importance of a friend in life. The one who is a combination of your soul mate, your adventure partner, you secret keeper, perhaps more important than a sibling, basically your twin best pal who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what! As friendship’s day approaches; we, the team of TBD have come up with some pretty exciting ideas for you to make your BFF feel the most special and loved person in this big big world.
1)    Plan a girlfriend getaway 

It can be a trip to another state or country, a trip to the spa if travelling isn’t an option. Get yourself soaked in beauty masks with cucumbers, just kidding, but getting a spa can be a real deal. Or make DIY face packs and apply while sipping on some fine wine.

2)    Make a mix tape

Just like Janice did for chandler, make a mixtape consisting of all your favorite jams you grew up listening to. It surely will make your BFF feel so special and remind them of all the beautiful memories you spend listening to those tunes. 

3)    Get your ‘Zen’ on

Unwind together in a yoga class or mediation place. Find an outdoor class at the beach or a park so you can both get even closer to nirvana. It surely will relax you both, something we all need in this hectic life!

Have you heard about this eating contest to be held on Friendship Day? To know more click here

4)    Binge watching

Make a list of all your favorite movies or the ones you guys planned to watch but couldn’t. Make some popcorn and get that soda and binge watch all the movies sitting at home all cuddled up, like y’all always do! 

5)    Go karaoke 

Be rock stars for the night and perform a dazzling encore-worthy duet at your local karaoke bar. Just imagine the stories you both will have to tell your kids in future, of how cool their mums are.

6)    Give her a sweet surprise 

Show, and tell her, how amazing you think she is with a box of cupcakes in all her favorite flavors, like red velvet and dutch chocolate. The best part, the heartfelt secret messages hidden beneath each cupcake. It’s the perfect way to share bite of cake with her from afar.

7)    Volunteer 

It would be really amazing if you guys volunteer for any social event for the day. It will strengthen your bond, also you guys get to do something new. It’s always is a great feeling to do something for others, a selfless deed.  

8)    Go hiking 

If you and your BFF are outdoorsy types, head out for a hike. Spending a full day in nature is reinvigorating, beautiful, and fun. Or if you’re not so into the strenuous hike, find a low-impact nature walk near you and check it out.

9)    Love letter

If you don’t live close enough to meet, mail her a handwritten note reminiscent of the ones you used to pass each other in class. She’ll love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or a grocery store coupon. 

10)    Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The ultimate thing to do is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon. That’s it!

Relationship are always beautiful. When people fall in love, the relationship always starts good but the same cannot be said about the final days. Today, very few relations last longer than a year. In the 21st century, it is easy to hate but not that easy to fall in love with someone. People are becoming liberal about relationships. It’s becoming hard to find true love in today’s fast-paced and selfish world. 

There are many cases where guys have been caught cheating on their girlfriend while in a relationship. There are many bare excuses that you get to hear if your partner is cheating on you. He may try to defend himself and make you feel guilty for doubting him. But, you don’t have to feel so because you have all the right to give him a kick on his ass. 

Here are 5 common lies mostly used by a guy if he is cheating on a girl: 

The Interest Game: 
In this world full of liking, where one has a crush on others you might face that your guy is getting attracted to another girl. After all we are all humans and can’t deny emotions. On being caught off guard, your boyfriend may shield himself saying, “She is the one who first texted me, she made the first move. She really likes me and is interested in me. I don’t want to hurt her. So, I am just being polite and trying to be a good friend of hers.” In such a situation you have to be alert as it is a sign of being wronged. He might not actually be friend-zoning and there could be a lot of brewing happening between them behind your back.

Busy Load: 
If you feel that there is distance in your relationship and your guy is catching up with his other female friends, then something is definitely wrong. And, if he makes an excuse for being questioned about the same saying ‘I just wanted to spend some good time and you were busy – all my friends were too busy in working and she was the only one who was willing, then be very careful.  This is a sure indication that he is interested in her. Sometimes it is possible but not every time that you are busy somewhere and she is the only person available for him to hang out with.

Be Open-Minded:
Most men blame women for overthinking and being conservative. This is one of the most common excuses men usually use to shift the blame on their girlfriends. Whenever you put a question about his whereabouts, he avoids answering you and start blaming you that you are being over-possessive and this is blowing out of proportion. He may try to convince you that she is just a friend and nothing more than that. He may ask you to “Stop being so conservative, please!” Please be open-minded but that does not mean letting your partner stray around and let them go with anyone. 

Secret Dates: 
There might be someone who you will meet for the first time and meeting someone will not matter until your intention is clear. The intentions you have and how honest you are with your partner matters a lot. The next time your boyfriend (whom you suspect is cheating on you) gives you this coffee excuse, or he is meeting with his female colleague late night, or hanging around – you know what to answer. It is not only about hanging out with someone from the opposite sex – it’s about your intentions.

Eye On Social Media: 
Social media is good – now a day’s people fall in love with a simple swipe. It’s not always about being a social media influencer for your guy but some time you have to keep an eye on his activity. Your partner might has the nerve to chat (or rather flirt) with the other girl all the time, meet her every second day for no reason and most importantly, lie to you – then he is cheating on you. So, when he tells you that he is not sleeping with her, tell him that infidelity is not merely limited to a physical relationship with a third person but it is more than that.

There are many more tips that we would like to share with you to be in a healthy, safe and beautiful relationship.

Till then stay tuned to The Brunette Diaries.