“I’ll be there for you….”

I need not tell you the importance of a friend in life. The one who is a combination of your soul mate, your adventure partner, you secret keeper, perhaps more important than a sibling, basically your twin best pal who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what! As friendship’s day approaches; we, the team of TBD have come up with some pretty exciting ideas for you to make your BFF feel the most special and loved person in this big big world.
1)    Plan a girlfriend getaway 

It can be a trip to another state or country, a trip to the spa if travelling isn’t an option. Get yourself soaked in beauty masks with cucumbers, just kidding, but getting a spa can be a real deal. Or make DIY face packs and apply while sipping on some fine wine.

2)    Make a mix tape

Just like Janice did for chandler, make a mixtape consisting of all your favorite jams you grew up listening to. It surely will make your BFF feel so special and remind them of all the beautiful memories you spend listening to those tunes. 

3)    Get your ‘Zen’ on

Unwind together in a yoga class or mediation place. Find an outdoor class at the beach or a park so you can both get even closer to nirvana. It surely will relax you both, something we all need in this hectic life!

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4)    Binge watching

Make a list of all your favorite movies or the ones you guys planned to watch but couldn’t. Make some popcorn and get that soda and binge watch all the movies sitting at home all cuddled up, like y’all always do! 

5)    Go karaoke 

Be rock stars for the night and perform a dazzling encore-worthy duet at your local karaoke bar. Just imagine the stories you both will have to tell your kids in future, of how cool their mums are.

6)    Give her a sweet surprise 

Show, and tell her, how amazing you think she is with a box of cupcakes in all her favorite flavors, like red velvet and dutch chocolate. The best part, the heartfelt secret messages hidden beneath each cupcake. It’s the perfect way to share bite of cake with her from afar.

7)    Volunteer 

It would be really amazing if you guys volunteer for any social event for the day. It will strengthen your bond, also you guys get to do something new. It’s always is a great feeling to do something for others, a selfless deed.  

8)    Go hiking 

If you and your BFF are outdoorsy types, head out for a hike. Spending a full day in nature is reinvigorating, beautiful, and fun. Or if you’re not so into the strenuous hike, find a low-impact nature walk near you and check it out.

9)    Love letter

If you don’t live close enough to meet, mail her a handwritten note reminiscent of the ones you used to pass each other in class. She’ll love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or a grocery store coupon. 

10)    Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The ultimate thing to do is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon. That’s it!