ORGASM, there I said it! What is so taboo about it? Wait, is it that we aren’t allowed to talk about women orgasm or that it isn’t so important and hence it’s fading. What is so wrong if a woman wants to pleasure herself? Are only men allowed to be happy and their satisfaction is of utmost importance? Women-centric four short stories that makeup ‘Lust Stories‘, talk about subjects people usually avoid. What women are neglected and how they need to accept whatever that’s served on the plate.

Anurag Kashyap showed us how a woman becomes obsessive and possessive if she’s void of love or lonely. She enters into this clandestine affair with her eyes open, speaking of Amrita Pritam and Draupadi, and soon finds herself consumed by it, stalking the young man and wanting more, more, more. We are indeed watching a woman unravel, but we are also watching a woman lose control to possessiveness, reduced to behaving the way a man would.

Zoya Akhtar’s story may just be love without words. A sexual relationship between a bachelor and a maid who works for him. Until his parents arrive and find him a girl to marry. It is a minimal, beautiful film with Akhtar gradually and lovingly fetishising the very act of cleaning a house even as the maid begins to grow wistful. She enjoys screwing the master but it cannot lead anywhere. She knows she has no right to expect more, something she is reminded when she sees a fellow maid thrilled with discarded finery, and yet her hands tremble. For she can only dream but can never achieve it!

Banerjee showed us where actually a woman stands in most marriages, with her husband and her children. How she can be made so guilty for finding happiness in her life. For a woman to ask for a divorce is a sin. And how complicated things become, it is not okay to cheat on your spouse, but what if you are dead being with that person? You can’t leave your partner either, so what choice is she left with?

Karan Johar left us all with laughs but created a huge AF impact on many mindsets as well! To not be guilty to love yourself, and be proud of it. Being a woman, giving birth to children isn’t your only happiness. A shy young bride, having considered her entire life right upto the wedding-night as foreplay, quickly tires of the five-second intercourse her husband loves so much. Love is something that is still a taboo in our culture. Sadly, we still don’t have that many love marriages, we are not allowed to date, and our parents still decide who you are going to spend your life with.

From being possessive, not being able to dream big and make amends with your life, from having to be in a marriage that sucks the life out of you to be ashamed of loving yourself, women go through these phases and nobody wants to talk about it! Sex, marriage, divorce, affair, orgasm and lust, something that shouldn’t be taboo anymore and people need to speak up about it.

Are you looking for some exciting ideas that can add more sparkles to your Halloween party for kids? You’re in the right place folks! Halloween may be all about costumes, candies, trick-or-treat but if you want your children and their friends to enjoy to the fullest and have a party of the year, you may wanna try some of these brilliant games that can liven any Halloween party, WE BET! 

1)    DIY Scarecrows 

Divide the guests into teams. Give each team a pile of old clothes (including hats), pillowcases for heads, newspapers or hay for stuffing, ropes for tying and markers for making faces. Give each team 15 minutes or 20 minutes to make a scarecrow. Give prizes for the silliest and the scariest and hang them outside.

2)    Mummy Wrap

Divide guests up in pairs; give each pair a roll of toilet paper. One team member will be the wrapper, the other will be the wrapped mummy. The first team to use up its roll wins. Or you can give each team two rolls of toilet paper and after the mummy is wrapped, he or she must wrap his partner. The first team to empty both rolls of toilet paper wins.

3)    Story Telling

Include the beginning of a ghost story in your party invitations and ask each child to come to the party with an ending to tell. Hear all the endings and let the guests vote for the funniest, the weirdest, and the spookiest.

4)    Can You Guess What You Feel?

This is one of those Halloween games many people remember from childhood. Line up five opaque plastic dishes and cover them all with a black cloth. Let each guest stick a hand in each dish, under the cloth so that the contents can’t be seen, and try to guess what it really is. You can tell the guest that the first dish holds guts (the insides of a pumpkin) and see what he or she guesses. The second dish is said to hold brains (damp coarse sponge). The third is said to hold veins (cold, cooked spaghetti). The fourth is said to hold cut-off fingers (cocktail sausages) and the fifth to hold skin (pieces of a soft flour tortilla). The person who guesses the most actual contents wins.

5)    Donut Play If You’re Diabetic 

Divide guests into teams. Hang as many doughnuts as guests from a tree limb or a clothesline by a string. Without using hands, each guest must catch and eat a doughnut. The first team to finish its doughnuts win.

6)    Who Am I?

Have the kids draw Halloween-themed pictures on a piece of paper and tape them to each guest’s back (without the guest seeing what it is). While others can only give yes or no answers, each guest must guess what he or she thinks is drawn on the paper on their back.

Have better ideas for Halloween party games? Write to us [email protected] 🙂 

Children always fancy owning pets at home. Many children pester their parents to gift kittens and puppies for their birthdays. If you are a pet lover and have approved the idea of owning one at home, here are a few tips and ideas to help you initiate an amicable relationship between your children and the four-footed newcomer.

Deciding on the pet

Now that you have decided to own a pet, it is important for you to know which kind you want to adopt. First, you must know that a bigger pet requires a bigger house. If your house is small and if you think dogs may eventually find it difficult to walk around, buy goldfish or guinea pigs. Fishes stay in tanks, thus requiring a small space. Also, take into consideration your children’s age. Children need to get along with pets at home; therefore it is important for you to think about your children’s age before you allow the two to bond with each other.

Train your pet to maintain routines

Prepare pet schedule that will help you train your pet on a daily basis. Allow your children to help you in the process. Make them do small work like changing water or feeding your pet. In this way, your children can lay a foundation to new friendship with their pet. Take your children along with you while visiting the vet for routine check-ups.

Don’t be rude

If your children forget to feed the pet or walk him in the evening, don’t shout or punish them. Allow your children to make mistakes. Explain the consequences to them. They understand facts faster when explained patiently rather than with a rough tone. This way, help them understand and learn things. By handling the situation calmly, you are reassuring the bond between your children and your pet. Encourage them to apologise to your pet for forgetting to feed it. Making conversations with your pets helps in bonding better.

Teach team work to your kids

Divide the work among your children and give them individual work to bond with the pet. Ask one kid to feed the pet time-to-time while the other does potty training. Exchange the schedules on a weekly basis and make sure they actively participate in the bonding process.

Timely check on your kid’s behaviour towards the pet

While some children jump in joy to welcome the newcomer, others may not like the sudden attention that your new pet receives. Some children show their anger by throwing things at the pet. During situations like this, sit and explain the benefits of having a pet at home. Ensure that the pet can be a best friend to your child provided he is treated well. Also, monitor your child time-to-time to ensure that he treats your pet well.

Don’t forget to click pictures of your children bonding with the pet. Children and pets are the cutest combination ever and capturing those moments will be the best way of freezing it.