Boners are useful only in a few selected places like the bedroom or the bathroom. It can be a bit of a problem when your wand rises in the public. This has happened to most of the guys at some point or the other. It is both embarrassing and difficult to get rid of it when you’re out in public. Here are a few simple tricks that can help you get rid of your rising jimmy in a subtle manner. But, make sure while you’re using these tricks, you do not make it obvious or make any sudden moves that bring attention to your business.

Do The Math

One of the best ways to get rid of an awkward boner is to distract yourself. Now you can either think of your male best friend bending down to pick up files in a mini skirt. But, just so you don’t lose your sleep at night just by the mere thought of meeting your best friend, start solving math problems in your head. This trick will help your boner to die out with ease.

Cover It Up

Use a larger object like a book or a backpack to hide it. Physical barriers usually make it easier for a person to walk away with it. Make sure you cover your little friend up with subtlety.

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Sit Down

In a situation like this, sit down and lean in so your shirt covers your crotch. You can cover it up to pretend that you’re looking for something in your bag pack and wait for the erection to go away.

Put Those Hands In The Pocket

The oldest and the easiest way is to put your hands in the pocket and without making it obvious, try to pin your wand to your thigh. You can also pin it to your lower abdomen, but be careful, you don’t want your thingy to be peeping from the hem of your jeans. Also, when you put your hands in the pocket, it will bring your jeans to the same height as your sensitive area hence saving you from the embarrassment.

Walk It Off

Pin your erection in your palms successfully while your hands are in your pocket and then take a walk. Make an excuse if you’re in a group of people. Taking a walk will not only help you adjust your pants but will also help the blood flow to move to your arms and legs.

Cool It Down

Put a cold object like a water bottle or some juice on your thigh. It will help the blood to flow out of your risky region and your erection will soon be gone.

While you’re using these tricks in public to avoid coming off as a pervert to others, make sure you keep reminding yourself that you’re in a non-sexual situation and once you are done convincing yourself, half of your problem will be solved there.

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