People are different, their personalities are different. So it’s natural, every girl you’ve ever dated must be different than the other. How would you describe your ex, boys? Clingy one or an aggressive one? There are millions of girls out there but certain characteristics are followed by many. We’re here to tell you about those characteristics, types of women you may or may not have dated. So, here’s a list of types of girlfriends or just “friends” you’ve come across in your life.

1) The Clingy Chitra

You can’t go out anywhere without a hand always holding yours. She always wants to cuddle, she doesn’t understand the concept of “privacy”. She wants to know every detail of your day, where were you? What were you doing? When you’ll be back? Who’s that chick? And so on. You’ll always be bombarded with such questions and god help if you stammer even once.

2) The Sleeping Sneha

This girl won’t even bother if you’re out there cheating on her as long as she gets her good night’s sleep. She’s the female version of “Khumbkaran”. She will laugh on your face if you ever ask her out middle of the night and head back to her sleep!

3) The Emotional Emily

Everything’s like the end of the world for Emily. If you even raise your voice slightly, waterworks start IMMEDIATELY. She’s also likely to cry if you present her with her favorite flavor of soda. You can’t be too serious with this girl, you will always be pressured to keep her happy. And if you’re dating an Emily, never joke around her, NEVER. Trust us, it’ll backfire and you’ll end up making it up to her for the rest of the night.

4) The Motherly Maria

She may think she’s Mother Mary but in fact she may be like an strict mother who thinks she has a spoiled child. There’s having no fun around this woman. Anything can turn to a lecture or worse a living nightmare. You may end up with some spanking and we guarantee it won’t be kinky.

5) The Psycho Saylii

Beware of this one. She can be the most deadliest if she has to in order to find the password of your phone. She is always right no matter what, she’ll shred you to pieces if you ever forgot to tell her “I love you”. She is always jealous no matter what, you even joke about seeing other chicks, that’s it. Your death is inevitable.

6) The Wifey Wrenda

The perfect one you can’t wait to marry. She’s already a wife while you guys are dating. She gels up with your friends, is adventurous, can COOK and isn’t too possessive. She might just be the one who checks out other chicks with you for fun. She fun, independent but also mature. Gives you your space and doesn’t nag. While she’s perfect, she’s hard to find. And if you have one in your life, you’ve hit a jackpot boys. But sadly, she’s just a MYTH!

So guys, which one are you dating right now? 😉