We all suffer from some pain or another that we wish would just disappear as soon as we start experiencing it. You might’ve just stubbed your toe or that little pinky finger over a furniture, stepped on a lego or well, it was your first day at the gym. These kinds of pain are cruel and sometimes long-lasting. So, here are a few proven home remedies that will help you in the time of PAIN, but these aren’t applicable for your aching heart, sorrryyy…..

1)    Hot Water 

A heating pad is nice, but hot water might feel even better. Heat loosens up stiff or tight muscles. Use heat before stretching or exercising the muscle. And if you’re short on time, you can let a hot shower do the work for you. If you have time, soak in a hot tub.

2)    Ice Cup

Ice is best used for acute pain relief rather than general muscle soreness. Think of ice as a pain reliever or something that can reduce visible swelling, but it may not help the muscle heal, still, you can massage the tender area by freezing water in small paper cups and then peeling back the paper to expose the ice; limit the massage to 15 minutes a session.

3)    Bag Of Frozen Peas Or Corn

Hurt your hand? Once again, treat it with cold. A bag of frozen peas or corn is perfect for joints and hands because you can mold the frozen veggies around the area.

4)    Bike

So, you went too hard playing cricket yesterday. There’s no reason to sit on the sidelines today. A light aerobic activity like cycling will improve nourishing blood flow to your achy muscles, plus activity stimulates hormonal responses in the brain that reduce the sensation of pain.

5)    Child’s Pose

Yoga moves your body in a gentle manner to improve flexibility and strength. While the mind-body practice offers stress relief via relaxation, it can also be nearly as effective as physical therapy at providing low-back pain relief.

6)    Self-Massage

If you’re dealing with pesky inside-of-the-knee pain, let your hands work it out. Massaging the inner thigh and inside of the back of the thigh, as the muscles here connect to the inside of the knee. You can also grab a lacrosse ball to get the job done.

7)    Hot Towel

Another option for heat therapy is a nice, hot towel. Throwing a damp towel in the dryer for 20 minutes and applying to the aching area. It’s a great way to address tightness that you may feel more acutely in the morning.

8)    Pineapple

Your hands hurt and tingle when you type. The perfect snack? A bowl of pineapple—it’s exactly what your body needs right now to feel comfortable. Research shows that eating the tropical fruit, which contains an anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain, can help decrease swelling in carpal tunnel syndrome.

9)    Daily Stretching

If you have low-back pain but don’t want to practice yoga, try basic stretching instead. Research shows that a weekly intensive stretching class in addition to 20 minutes of daily stretching at home reduced pain almost as well as yoga did after six weeks.

10)    Sleep

It’s an unfortunate reality that pain decreases your ability to sleep—yet sleep is necessary to reduce pain. The theory is that impaired sleep prompts your brain to perceive a much stronger pain signal compared to getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Adults should aim for at least seven hours per night.