This world is considered the masterpiece of nature. If there is light in some parts of the world then at the same time there is darkness in the other parts of the world. Likewise, if some parts of the world are facing hot weather then at the same time there are different other parts of the world which are facing the coldest temperatures and some parts even facing the temperature below the freezing level. 

There are different types of research studies that have clearly shown and identified different parts of the world as the coldest places of the world. The life in those parts of the world is considered quite tough and difficult as special arrangements are required to live there. There are certain places in the world where the temperature can fall below even -50 degree Celsius. At this temperature, even the lungs of the human body can freeze and collapse. Despite all these difficulties and hardships, humans have found ways to survive at the coldest places in the world. Many of the coldest places in the world now attract tourists that are eager to see the coldest weather.

Here are 5 of the world’s most frigid spots:

1) Dome Fuji, Antartica

Also known as Dome F or Valkyrie Dome, Dome Fuji is the home of a Japanese research station. Conditions at Dome Fuji are pretty dry and reminiscent of a cold desert. It’s one of the coldest places on Earth due to its high elevation and location on the Antarctic plateau. The area is so cold, in fact, that precipitation falls to the surface as ice crystals. The temperature can drop as low as -112 degrees Fahrenheit (-80 degrees Celsius). It can get warmer, relatively speaking, but only to the tune of -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius).

2) Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, the remote Siberian village is considered the coldest place inhabited on Earth, with a reported population of 500. Earlier this year temperatures dipped to a record-breaking -79.6 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the village’s thermometer. But as one resident told the Siberian Times, “For us this is normal. It’s strange that journalists call and ask how you live here. I answer, you come and see for yourself that we live an ordinary life.”

3) Snag, Canada

The village of Snag is located to the east of Beaver Creek in Yukon, Canada. It was first inhabited during the Klondike Gold Rush when 100,000 prospectors migrated to the area in search of gold in the late 1800s. The village has the distinction of holding the record for the coldest day in Canadian history — temperatures dropped to -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit in 1947. The location has been reported closed since 2006, with a population of zero.

4) Montana, US

This mountain pass, which is adjacent to Helena National Forest, stands 5,610 feet above sea level. It’s best known for recording the lowest temperature in the United States (outside of Alaska): on January 20th, 1954, the thermostat hit -70 degrees Fahrenheit (-57 degrees Celsius).

5) Idaho, US

A 2016 census estimated that Stanley, Idaho had a population of 69. The town is located in Custer County, at an altitude of 6,253 feet above sea level. Its freezing temperatures are the product of being nestled in a valley that traps cold air from the surrounding mountains. Most days are frosty, even in July, and roughly 60 nights per year, the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. One notable non-weather fact about Stanley: The city elected 22-year-old Hannah Stauts as the youngest female mayor in the US in 2005.