Everyone who’s owned a dog knows that these fluffy fur balls tend to shed like there’s no tomorrow. Even though owning a canine may be a dream come true, they do tend to leave their mark; not just on your heart but also on your clothes, furniture and entire house. So, most of you are probably wondering, how to enjoy having a Labrador without getting their “lab-coats” all over you. Well, worry not, dog lovers, as we may have just the remedy for you.

We have put together some easy to follow grooming tips to curb excessive shedding in dogs…

Good Quality Dog Food

It is indeed true that the quality of your pet’s coat is highly influenced by the food they eat. That is why it is very important that you monitor their diet closely, and give them nothing but the best. It is always worth investing in good quality dog food, rather than trying to save a few pennies on cheaper variants in the market. Whichever brand you decide to go with, you need to ensure that it is rich in omega-6 (fatty acids), as it helps keep a dog’s coat shiny and lustrous!

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Keep Your Dogs Calm And Relaxed

Stress, just like in humans, contributes to hair/fur loss in dogs. That’s probably the reason you end up covered in fur after a visit to the vet. If you think that your dog’s shedding may be stress related, consider identifying and doing your best to avoid any triggers. Simply giving your pooch some tender loving care and a good deal of outdoor exercise is enough to keep him or her happy and stress-free!

Anti-Shedding Products

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks on your dog, anti-shedding products can do wonders. But, the first thing you’d want to get your doggy friend is a good brush that can find its way through his topcoat as well as his undercoat. There are special brushes that come with a vacuum attachment. These prove to be of great help as you don’t have to pick up the excess fur that comes off your dog. Remember to brush your dog’s coat at least once every day. The more fur you get out while brushing, the less fur will be shed around your house.

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Regular Bathing Can Do Wonders!

During shedding season, it is recommended to give your dog a bath as frequently as possible. It can really do wonders as bathing helps loosen a dog’s fur, and helps it to come off while brushing, rather than when the dog is playing around in your house. This would also be a good time to use a shampoo specially formulated for nourishing the dog’s skin and coat. It will help in the shedding process, and give your dog a silky and lovely new coat.

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We hope these tips help you reduce the amount of fur in your house and on your clothes. Just remember though, if your dog is shedding excessively or is experiencing any odd symptoms, it may be best to take him or her to the vet. In rare cases, shedding may be caused by health conditions like food allergies, ringworm, flea allergies, etc.