Abdominal fat is an issue which most people struggle with. Most people want to look fit and fab, but everyone struggles with that flab around the tummy. Let us look at the main causes of this belly fat:

Belly fat can be stubborn

Improper digestion

Improper digestion will bring about a range of gastrointestinal disorders. Eating at late hours can cause your stomach to bulge and bloat. It is important to take all measures to ensure that you digest your food properly if you want to get rid of belly fat.


Sometimes the cause can be genetic

Genetics play a role in belly fat as well. Some people find it harder to get rid of belly fat than most others because of genetics.


Several studies say that one can gain abdominal obesity due to stress. When you are stressed, the cortisol hormone is released, which triggers the fat reserve around the belly. At the same time, stress also makes you binge which results in excess fat accumulation.

Slow metabolism

Reduced metabolism rate is one of the main reasons for fat accumulation. When your rate of metabolism is low, you tend to burn lesser calories and hence fat gets stored in the most convenient place, which is your belly.


Most people proudly talk about their beer bellies. But they know themselves they’d love to live without it. Alcoholism will contribute to higher calorie accumulation in your belly area.

Lack of activity

This is quite an obvious cause of belly fat. You need to involve yourself in some sort of physical activity that is in proportion to your food intake, to make sure you do not develop body fat.

Unhealthy eating

When you eat fatty foods, they accumulate in your belly area quite conveniently. Fast food is normally fried in excess oil and this is one of the main causes of belly fat.