You are fresh and full of life; yet, by the evening you feel that you have no energy left in your body. All you dream is to get back to your place and simply crash on your bed! Sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? What you are undergoing is basically a stressed out life schedule which leaves little to no time for yourselves. You are deprived of sleep, exercise, fresh air and sex.
Lack of exercise:

Reports suggest that exercising on a regular basis helps ward off laziness and depression. Fitness expert, Deanne Pandey lays emphasis on moving your body and being a little more active, “A person should at least do some physical exercise of about 45 minutes a day. For working women it sure becomes a little problematic to go to the gym, but they can do simple things like climbing the staircase or maybe taking a stroll in the evenings.” Exercising on an already tired body is a no-no according to her.

Unhealthy eating

With these fast food joints springing at every nook and cranny, it becomes impossible not to dig into the ‘oh so tasty, but not healthy’ junk food. Easy to cook instant food are an added disadvantage for working women, for whom it serves a blessing in disguise. Dietician and sports nutritionist, Dr.Dipshika Aggarwal gives a clear picture to what is right and wrong to eat, “Food can be categorised mainly into two categories-re-energising food and energy draining food. Things like watermelons, carrot and potatoes are considered to to be good for the body since they help in rejuvenating our bodies, while fried food, caffeine and spices drain out all the energy.” Drinking has never harmed anyone but that means water and other natural drinks and not alcohol. At least two litres of water a day is required for human body lest you want to feel exhausted, says Aggarwal. It is very correctly said that excess of anything is bad.

Is fatigue not allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest?

Get some ‘me’ time

Everyone is busy all through the day and complain that they do not get time for themselves. But yoga guru, Utkarsh Sanjanwala says that taking out 5 minutes out of your hectic schedule is not that difficult, “One of the greatest stress buster is to chant ‘Om’ either in the mornings or during nights for two to five minutes every day. This will help you to calm down and align with the universe.” He adds that there is no right or wrong way to chant this and with time you will be able to do it in a much better way.

Learn better time management

With marriage comes a lot of responsibility. It is tougher for women who are married to juggle between home and their workplace. It is the support from the family, spouse or friends that acts as a great stress buster. Psychologist, Dr Chandni Mehta says, “Women these days are dividing their time between just her family and office. She needs to pursue a hobby or do something that she really enjoys. Another thing that a women needs to keep in mind is her mood swings which may go up if she does not realise her pressure points. For instance, if a woman knows she loses her cool during a traffic jam, she can then focus her attention on something else. Basically, the key is to master your emotions.”

Here are more tips to keep yourself energised throughout the day:

•             Get your minimum eight hour sleep to restore your body energy and be fresh the next day

•             Avoid taking the pill because it does no good except reducing your sex drive

•             Meet people whom you enjoy with in person rather than just calling or texting them

•             Stop binge drinking. It will lead to more problems like brain and liver damage and sleep related issues

•             Get out of that closed building and go get some natural light and air