Pets are more than just domestic animals. In fact I hate calling them animals and even worse hate calling them ‘domestic’. Our furry, finny friends are a lot like us and they too need time, attention and love in a safe and comfortable environment. And that’s why, if you have a pet(s), it is imperative to ensure your house is pet-friendly. But sadly, most pet owners aren’t careful enough while purchasing or modeling their house.

A wooden floor is more comfortable for your pets. Make sure you have enough space for them to run around.

If you care enough for your clawey-pawey friend and want to make your house pet-friendly, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

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1-      When buying a new home, consider your pet’s particular needs. Pets need their alone-time too; so make sure you have enough space for them to be on their own.

2-      Think far; if you have a pup or a kitten today, they may grow up sooner than you can imagine and need more space, care, attention and the likes.

3-      Make you house as much comfortable for you and your pet, as possible. Say for instance; you may feel that a tiled or marbled floor is good for your pet as it can help them cool down in the hotter months. While that could be true, you need to think as per the behaviour of your pet. What if the marble is too slippery for your over-enthusiastic pet who comes running to greet you at the door? They may be hurt if they have a bad fall. A hard wood floor is the best option for houses that have too many paws. It’s scratch-proof and harmless for your dog.

4-      If you live on the ground floor close to a busy street, think twice before putting a dog-flap on your main door. You don’t want your dog to run straight into the streets bustling with traffic, it could prove dangerous for your pet and the public.

Make sure your pet always eats at his ‘eating spot’, this way, you’ll can keep a tab that they don’t eat anything unhealthy and the house will also be cleaner

5-      If your pet has been with you for years, you may not want to shift into the multi storey home just yet. Just think how uncomfortable it would be for your elderly dog.

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6-      Did you know there are many items in your house that could be hazardous to your pet? A simple thing as yarn, insect control products, medications meant for humans such as aspirin, ibuprofen etc., small home-decorative objects that can potentially choke your pawed friend, even your garbage and certain foods that humans eat can be extremely poisonous for your pet.

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7-      More than 50% pet-owners do not have a pet-first-aid kit handy. Make sure you have one and stick the vet’s contact number on it.

8-      If you have brought in your pet recently and they are not well-trained yet, you may not want to bring them near your guests. Also, if your dog or cat is over-protective of you, there are chances they may go postal on your guests. To avoid that from happening, keep your pet in a room just until the guests are gone.

9-      Keep a spot for your pet to eat. Train them to eat at this particular spot only, as some pets could be messy eaters and you don’t want your floor and walls resembling that of the public loo at CST station.

10-   Lastly, if you have a pet that sheds regularly, a vacuum cleaner is a must in your house. You don’t want loads of tumble weed and dead hair on your carpeted floor and furniture.

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Take the above tips seriously if your pet is dear to you. Remember to keep reading and regularly learning about what you should be looking out for. A little planning can go a long way in helping you streamline your daily routine and also keeping your pet safe, comfortable and happy.