Nowadays, it’s all about tapping our goddamned mobile screens, snapping pictures, recording videos, & trying different filters on our faces. There’s hardly any physical movement at all.  Earlier as kids, we used to leave our homes early in the morning to play with our friends only to return in the afternoon & go back to play in the evening. Now it is hardly the case. We all have become couch potatoes, including kids of this generation.

Why is it happening? What’s the case? But at least we must try to ‘revive’ our inner child. Glued to one place playing video games in a room whole day long does no benefit our body.

We at The Brunette Diaries know quite a few exciting sports & games that’ll make you jump off your feet & run towards the ground right now!

1.    Basketball
All you need is a high raised net basket, a ball & few friends to enjoy the game. The running, the coordination, the judgment to make the ball pass through the hoop, everything about this game is a perfect match if you want to build team spirit & sweat your laziness off! 

2.    Badminton
Two people, a pair of bats & a shuttlecock. You can play it in a park, or by beachside, or even on someone’s terrace if you can’t go out. This game is fun to learn & more engaging to play once you smash it. 

3.    Skating
You have to learn this talent. Motor balancing is an important skill which skating teaches us. For the first few weeks, you’ll trip a lot. Injuries are part of learning how to skate, but once you learn to balance & glide along, then believe me you won’t feel like taking off those roller skates! You’ll feel like talking to wind & speed will become your best friend! But we recommend you to wear a helmet.

4.    Swimming 
During summers, everyone feels like jumping into a pool & staying in there until & unless someone screams at us to get out of the water body. If you are a ‘water baby’ then I suggest you learn swimming, & try diving, deep diving, & even scuba diving if you’re intrigued by marine life. PS: Swimming is a life skill. 

5.    Soccer
Our hormones can be quite outrageous sometimes.  But we seldom know how to vent them. Soccer can be one game where you can channelize your adrenaline perfectly, learn those dribbling, tackling, & passing skills. Most importantly, goal scoring! How can that feeling be missed? 

Ya, this listicle is over now! Don’t keep swiping your screen simply,  instead call up your mates & hit the ground (or water) ASAP!