There are certain kinds of food that have a positive impact on your weight loss goals and some that have a negative. Most of us are looking for that positive impact – in other words – to lose weight. But there are some who are looking to put on some mass and this can be a challenge also. Here are some different categories of food items that have a big impact on your weight loss or weight gain ambitions:

Food that correlates to weight gain includes:

Potato chips

High in starch content, potato chips are a stockroom of fats. Potato chips also contain a great deal of salt for taste. Its deep fried nature traps oil unlike most other food and these characteristics together can cause severe weight fluctuations due to bloating.

Sugar beverages

Sugar based beverages increase the overall intake of sugar in the body. This increase is directly related to calorie levels; and higher calorie levels means higher risk of weight gain – especially when the intake is that of sugar, lots and lots of sugar.

Processed meats

Meats like salami and sausages are high in salt content. They also include unnatural preservatives which give it a longer shelf life. Besides being plain unhealthy, these food items cause steady weight gain.

Food that correlates to weight loss includes:


There is no surprise here, as veggies have been forced down our throats by our parents who have claimed that veggies are supremely healthy. We have been challenging this claim since childhood but as we’ve grown up, we have come to terms with the reality that veggies are the healthiest weight balancing food one can have, even in the long run.


Fruits are great in taste and high in not just protein, but vitamins and other minerals also. All in all, fruits are a perfect supplement to add to your diet to facilitate weight loss. Add a wholesome fruit diet to your meal plans and you will never regret it.

We may or may not have our favourite food in this list, but it is imperative to consider that to achieve our weight goals, we have to contemplate an element of sacrifice that is needed. If we can incorporate in or delete these food items from our diet, we will be on our way to achieving our goals!

You may find yourself setting weight goals and in the process making unrealistic diet plans that you cannot stick to. There is no point sticking to this diet for a brief period and then going back to normal. What you need is a reasonable diet that can balance out your cravings and include discipline as well. Here are a few tips for long term weight loss:

Stay away from monotonous diets:

Including diet plans which absolutely cut out food that you love indulging in will cause extreme cravings in the long run. If you stick to a monotonous diet for a brief period and give up on it, you may end up eating more of that ‘prohibited’ food.

Gradually decrease portion size

Do not suddenly deprive yourself of food to achieve your weight goals. Your body will not be able to adjust to the sudden change in amount. Gradually decrease it to a level healthy enough to achieve your weight goals.

Plan your meals

As tough as this sounds, once you get into the habit of scheduling your meals it will be easy. A habit is a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but gets easier later on. Train yourself to incorporate good habits like planning your meals and it will help you in the long run.

Incorporate seasonal indulgences

The season of mangoes is here! Have you planned on indulging? Some may stay away from it because it is heaty. But if you love it, then some of it can do no harm. Just understand that too much of anything is bad for you. This applies to other food as well; like, in the Christmas season!

Incorporate things you do not prefer

Obviously, we all have certain food that we abhor. Slowly incorporating foods like these into tastier foods that we enjoy is the answer. Try adding leafy vegetables to your chicken sandwich. Slowly but surely you will develop a liking to it as food preferences have a lot to do with classical conditioning.

Try your best to be reasonable about your diet. Do not fly too high with your weight loss chase but at the same time do not graze the ground. Keep it simple and stick to it.