We have all grown up to remember two animals that have formed a major part of our life. One is the dog and the other is the cat. Dogs and cats are perhaps the most loved pets worldwide. Cats are usually the quieter lot, moving around with a certain enigma. If you expect them to play like a dog, then we are sorry that’s not going to happen. So, before you decide to bring home the feline grandeur as your pet, you should know the things that cats dislike. Those who have them currently can also pay attention.

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They need the human element

Once you have them as your pet or decide on having them as one, your first obligation should be to spend time with them. Yes, it might sound odd but it’s true. Treat them like a member of your house and make them feel wanted. Inability to do this makes them aggressive and you can ill afford that.

Cats hate stinking things

Just because they hunt and kill mice doesn’t mean that they have a penchant for dirty things. In fact, they are big on cleanliness. Provide them stinky litter boxes and they’ll quickly search for alternatives. There’s a good reason behind this as our feline friends have 14 times the sense of smell that we have. So, even a hint of stench for us gets magnified in their case. Now you get the point.

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Spoiled food? No, never

Always give fresh and healthy food to your cat. They don’t appreciate spoilt food

The cats have a keen sense of taste. Offering them stale food is a strict no-no. Not only is it harsh on them from a moral point of view, but also from a health point of view. The spoilt food contains toxins which end up affecting the cat’s health. Ideally, the food for cats shouldn’t be left out in the open for more than 15 minutes. Keep their food fresh always!

Watch that petting

Cats are moody when it comes to petting. A few strokes on the head is enough

There’s a basic difference between dogs and cats. While the former likes the owner to play and roll him around with heavy petting, the latter is the complete opposite. Heavily petting a cat is a recipe for disaster. The ideal way is to tenderly stroke the back of her head or the neck. Doing this a few times is more than enough, unless of course you wish to get bitten, scratched or hissed at.

Keep the noise down

Cats dislike loud noise! They would shout at the top of their voice, if only they could speak. Loud noise has a detrimental effect on them. The first sign of this is the increase in their stress levels. So, the next time you think firecrackers or plan to have loud music at your house party, spare a thought for your beloved pet cat.

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