The ones who are shit scared of dogs… sorry, but this one is for those who fall in love with every pooch in just one look! Oh yes, I’m one of them 🙂

Though most of us can’t keep our hands off a dog, it’s a fact that people don’t actually know how to pet a dog. Especially the ones who are not dog-owners themselves have a pretty tough time initiating friendship with a pet pooch! If you, too, are taken aback by a dog’s unfriendliness, here’s what you need to know. Let The Brunette Diaries guide you on how to pet a dog.

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The Greeting

Never initiate physical contact with an unfamiliar dog without greeting him it .Squat down to its levels and let it decide if you’re safe to approach. Every dog takes a few seconds to judge a human, so give it time. If it leans in, extend your hand from the side instead from over its head. However, if it depicts uninviting and hesitant behaviour, back off. Such body language may include things like acting jumpy, licking its lips, freezing, looking away, or yawning.

Also, never hug an unfamiliar dog. While petting it, stop midway, and see how it reacts. Most friendly dogs will lean in for more love while some may show signs of retreat, which means that it has had enough of love for a day.

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The Hotspots

The best places to pet a dog are its chest, shoulder, their tummy, and under the chin. Apart from these general areas, every dog also has a few specific areas where it loves to be pampered.

However, don’t get your hands on places like the top of its head, end of the tail, or its belly. Also, holding it by its collar or using force can evoke signs of aggression in the dog. Always remember that petting should be calming for you as well as your four-legged buddy. So take it slow and run your hands in the direction of its fur.

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While dogs might make you happy, the correct petting styles will have them circling you with tail-wagging happiness. So, take heed of our pet advice and strike a bond with each dog in your colony 🙂

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