Putting your best face forward at work can be tricky. You have to strike a balance between being too fancy and just right for a work day. The lipstick that looks gorgeous at a party will certainly not be appropriate for a work day. That thin line is what you have to tread on. Let us have a look at an expert’s guide to office makeup:

Big meeting

If you have a big meeting coming up, try and keep the look polished. Stick to lipstick rather than lip gloss as it looks more professional. Try adding colour to the cheeks and a little mascara will do the trick.

Applying foundation

Ensure that your skin is perfectly primed and hydrated with a good moisturiser. It should be applied with a good foundation brush so that you can get the right finish unlike when you do it with your fingers. Start from the centre, where you tend to have maximum redness, if present. Slowly work your way outward into your jaw line and neckline. If you do this, lines will not be so visible. The final step is to set the foundation with pressed powder.

Office essentials

Always keep lip gloss, a blush and some eye shadows in your handbag or cabinet. You never know when an after office dinner or party may spring up and you may need them.

Day to evening transition

You may not always have the time to remove your makeup entirely. Try refreshing instead. Start by applying a few drops of night repair cream and slowly work it into your skin. This will bring a radiant glow.

It is essential that you never overdo your makeup, because at the end of the day you are at your work place.

That perfect look is what most of us strive for. But what really is that perfect look? Bollywood has a major influence on the youth today, but it isn’t that these Bollywood celebrities are blessed with amazing looks. With the kind of money that they earn and the nature of their job, it isn’t a surprise that Bollywood celebrities themselves have gone under the knife to achieve that perfect look. Here we take a look at some of them.

Shilpa Shetty

With an awe-inspiring figure which we all long for, this Bollywood diva was always obsessed with perfection. She went ahead and fixed her nose which she thought was too flat.

Mallika Sherawat

Well, Mallika Sherawat is synonymous with hot and sexy, and there is no prize for guessing which part of her body she has surgically enhanced.


This evergreen dame had pictures splashed all over the web to indicate what was rumoured to be a boob-job. However, one thing is for sure is that she has got a nose job done.

Poonam Pandey

Bold as she is, she went from being a nobody to a some-booty after her asset augmentation.

Sherlyn Chopra

Another diva who caught eyeballs with her voluptuous figure and surgically enhanced body is Sherlyn Chopra. She was rumoured to have silicone implants although it isn’t certain.

Koena Mitra

Here’s an example of why you shouldn’t think of plastic surgery. After surgically enhancing her face, things went from bad to worse as she had to go through several corrective surgeries following a bad first attempt.

Katrina Kaif

Kat flaunts plumper lips thanks to her doctor’s efforts. Well, Kat we loved you anyway.

Priyanka Chopra

Piggy Chops did not like the way her upper lip grazed her nose while smiling and hence went under the knife to correct it.

Anushka Sharma

After her recent appearance on ‘Koffee With Karan’, Anushka Sharma faced severe criticism for her lip job. The actress chose to blame the lip enhancing tool she was apparently using at that time for an upcoming film.

Kareena Kapoor

The chubby cheeked Kareena Kapoor went under the knife to lift her cheekbones and sport a chiselled jaw line. The difference is clearly visible!

Karisma Kapoor

Another Kapoor Khandaan actress who went under the knife was Karisma. First she got rid of her bushy eyebrows and the next in line was her lips.