On World’s Tattoo Day, let us all share our stories and experiences about why we got inked, what importance does a tattoo hold in our lives. Getting inked is a tradition, followed since centuries, it holds great importance, many tattooed their victories in war, some tried to hold on to their lost dear ones onto their skin, it may be a hip culture for a lot of people now, and for others tattoos are the stories they can’t narrate themselves.

There are three reasons to as why people get inked:

1) Memories

Have you ever lost a pet that you grew up with? Lost your parent or a best friend? If yes, you will understand the pain of the loss. The memories will always haunt us, you can’t escape it, you only have to accept it and move on and tattoos help people do that. Getting those same memories skin deep makes you feel like you’re carrying them onto your life ahead with you. It is more than preserving something for eternity.

2) Art

Art has many shapes and forms, it literally comes from anywhere and is shared through any medium. Some paint it on a canvas or a wall, dance on a stage or streets, cook for their families or in a restaurant, art is simply everywhere. Tattoos are a form of art. People share stories through their art of tattoos. It is as our bodies are a piece of blank canvas and we’re painting it full of colours and depicting our emotions.

3) Love/Passion

It basically summarizes why people with ink, get inked. Their love or passion makes them ink it deep in their souls onto their bodies. It can be a quote very dear to you, an old photograph, your parent’s name or even an important date, it can be anything that you’re absolutely passionate about!

Here, at TBD, many of our team members have got really special tattoos onto their souls. Each tells a different story, you can say it’s a peek through a curtain into their life.

1) The big boss of our team is a mysterious person of us all, but her tattoos speak for themselves. She is an old-school book lover (Bibliophile tattoo) but is also fascinated with all the mysterious theories of our world. She knows that in life you need to write your own story and hence the “Quote-Unquote: Life is unwritten make your own quotes”. She lost her grandfather whom she was very close to and chose to get his birth year and the year he died, to be inked on her skin forever, cherishing his memories.

2) Our next teammate is everyone’s favorite lil bundle of joy, she says, “I am a hardcore believer of karma. I think we should get a tattoo of something that we learn throughout our lives and want to take to the grave. It’s an endless knot of karma which means you cannot escape your karma unless you do it without expectations!”.

3) This next human is known for her baby face and an always excited nature. She got stars inked on her neck. She loves being random and tries new experiences. “An always up for an adventure” kinda gal, so when her girlies would get ear piercing, she got herself a bunch of stars inked.

4) Lastly, I got this tattooed for my mother (quite evident). It was six years ago when she fell sick terribly. It was a moment when doctors had told us to bid our goodbyes to her, but God smiled upon her and she survived. It was mother’s day when she came home post her discharge and wanted to tell her how much she means to me and thus got this inked on that very same day.

We encourage you to share your stories with the world, write to us at [email protected]