Many people describe fashion as an exciting, transformative and communicative attitude. Although they may be right to an extent, they fail to include (and understand) the most important aspect that goes with fashion. That aspect is – comfort. It is upsetting that there are some facets of fashion that cause more harm to you than anything else does. Some fashion habits could damage your body and overall well-being; read on to know what to avoid and still stay fashionably healthy.

High heels:

We all have a separate shoe-closet filled with all our ‘sole-mates’. But wearing high heels is one of the worst things you can do for your body alignment. When you walk on the balls of your feet your torso tilts forward and you lean backward which puts an incredible amount of stress on the spine and compresses its discs over time. Try not wearing high heels very often.

Crash diets:

So your best friend is getting married in a week or two and you want to look the second best after the pretty bride. Do you find yourself resorting to crash diets or heavy workout sessions? Beware ladies; you might be risking a lot here. Suddenly restricting your food intake for the sake of looking “skinny” can ultimately slow down your metabolism, which can cause weight gain in the long run. Fasting does not help either as it may lead you to overeat later.

Heavy bags:

The bigger the bag, the more things you find to put in it. But take a moment to observe this: you probably carry your bag on one side all the time. This uneven weight distribution can cause muscle imbalances and influence your posture. Moreover, heavy bags also cause neck, shoulder, and spine pain when your torso shifts in order to deal with the uneven weight. Instead, give your body a break, and carry a small, light bag that’s free of extraneous objects.

Plastic face:

Some women are so used to applying makeup on a daily basis that they cannot recognize themselves without it. Having a plastic doll face daily can cause serious harm to your facial skin. Your skin would not be able to breathe and eventually become dull, dry and lack-lustrous, not to forget blackheads and acne prone.

So ladies, make sure you stay away from these unhealthy aspects of fashion that we all are prone to.