For those confused, aphrodisiac means any fruit, drink, etc that produce sexual desire in a person. Many of us active animals don’t need to turn to such measures to spice up our sexual life, but those in need, these food can prove to be really helpful. Well, you can try them yourself with your partner and then you’ll know for sure. 😛 

1)    Chilli Peppers

Apart from helping a pregnant women from conceiving early, This invigorating spice has an exotic reputation and a bright red color, which could be why it’s considered a natural aphrodisiac and a symbol of love. Chilli peppers stimulate endorphins (the brain’s feel-good chemicals), speed up heart rate and make you sweat, which all mimic how you feel when you’re aroused.

2)    Chocolate

A girl’s best friend, chocolate is sensual, from its taste to its aroma, but dark chocolate has also been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure.

3)    Honey

Close up view of the working bees on honey cells, copyspace for text

Food that’s created through pollination, a symbol of procreation has to be the number 1 aphrodisiac item. In fact, the word ‘honeymoon’ originates from mead, an alcoholic beverage made from honey given to the happy new bride and groom. It also contains boron, which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and provides a natural energy boost.

4)    Banana

Apart from looking like… well you know, Banana also contains bromelain, an enzyme which triggers testosterone production, and the fruit’s potassium and vitamin B elevate energy levels.

5)    Watermelon

As surprised as I am to as why this fruit is in this list, according to scientific research this fruit may have a Viagra-like effect on the body, as it relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation. These are the myths about sex that everyone thinks are true.

6)    Coffee

The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that ups the heart rate and makes the blood flow. Research suggests that coffee could put women in the mood for sex.

7)    Strawberry

If you put strawberries on a plate beside a cup of melted chocolate, chances of you getting laid triples, you don’t need any scientific study to tell you that :P. Or maybe just Feed them to each other for a healthy, vitamin C-packed dessert that helps keep blood flowing to all regions of the body.

8)    Artichokes

Alright, all you dirty minds calm down, it’s not what you think it is. This veggie’s aphrodisiac reputation comes mostly from legend and the intimacy of eating it with another, pulling off the leaves to reach the center. But it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which are critical to proper body function and blood flow.

9)    Chai Tea

Skip the coffee after dinner and reach for a cup of chai tea. The typical spices in this brew—ginger, cloves, and cinnamon—will get the blood flowing but the caffeine effect is less, so you’ll still be able to drift off to sleep after your meal.

10)    Whipped Cream

Decadent yet light as air, it just isn’t dessert without this rich topping. While there’s no evidence that whipped cream will boost libido, it’s sure to put you in the mood. You can also try and come up with exciting or kinky ways to use this aphrodisiac item to make the mood.

Let us know if this list of item got you excited in any way in the comment section below.

The summer can be unforgiving these days. We wonder if the sun is pissed off. While we can’t do anything to change the sun’s mood, we can at least do something to cool ourselves down after a hot day. Let us look at some foods that can help you cool down this summer.


With a high percentage of water, this fruit is healthy, cooling and refreshing as well. It contains a mere 50 calories per cup, so it clearly isn’t stacking on your calorie count if you are one who takes special care of that. Watermelon has immense health benefits, and having it as an excuse to cool off is a wonderful idea. Not to mention it is tasty too.


Yogurt is healthy, filling and will help cool you down on a hot and humid day. Be it frozen yogurt or just the usual one, yogurt can be a healthy and cooling breakfast, lunch dessert or evening snack.


Besides being used to cool off your skin on application, cucumbers can cool off your body as well. Cucumbers keep the body hydrated, and help in digestion as well, all of which is of utmost importance to brace yourself against a hot summer day.

Ice tea

The thought of tea on a hot summer day is frightening at times. But what if it is ice tea? Try this over the normal tea you are accustomed to, to ensure that you aren’t dehydrated. Switch out your hot morning tea for a glass of chilled iced tea, instead.


Green leafy vegetables with a sprinkle of olive oil can be a great way to indulge in a meal without the fear of it being heaty. Salads can leave you feeling cool and energized before or after a meal, as a meal, or even as an evening snack.

So if you are looking to cool down those struggling and sweaty pores that have been working all day while you were outside, this is a cool way. Yeah, it’s a cool way!

Dedicated dog lovers tend to be very kind people. We share our hearts and homes (and for some lucky pups, even the foot of our beds) with our canine pals. Surely there is nothing wrong with sharing our favorite foods with them too, right? Not necessarily. Many of the foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that humans digest just fine, can wreak havoc on a dog’s body, causing severe health problems. On the other hand, some of the foods people eat can be introduced to a dog’s diet just fine, and even provide health benefits such as joint strength, better breath, and allergy immunity.

You may or may not be a rookie in being a DOGGO EXPERT, but there’s no harm in being absolutely sure in knowing what is and what’s not good for your pet. So, here’s a list of food that you eat that can be shared with your dog and what’s not to be shared:

Fruits Your Dog Can Eat:

Many dog owners know that grapes and raisins can make their dog sick, but they don’t know which fruits are actually beneficial. If one fruit is toxic to your dog, you may fear that all fruits are poisonous. Luckily, that’s not the case. Fruit can be a nutritious and tasty treat for your dog.

1)    Watermelon

It is a health-food powerhouse, low in calories and packed with nutrients—vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium. Watermelon is also a great snack to give your dog on a hot day, as it is mostly water. Pro tip: Freeze some watermelon cubes for your dog to make for an even better cool-down.

2)    Blueberries

Blueberries are absolutely packed with antioxidants, making them extremely healthy for man’s best friend. Depending on your dog’s size, however, choking might be a potential risk; try cutting up the berries for smaller dogs.

3)    Apples

Apples are light and delicious for both you and your dog. But make sure your dog doesn’t eat the apple seeds, they are toxic. Apple seeds actually contain small traces of cyanide. The human digestive system can easily filter this out, but the same is not true for canines.

Veggies Your Dog Can Eat:

Even if you’re not keen on eating your vegetables, your dogs will be. Plus, they provide nutrients with minimal calories. However, as with humans, dogs can have adverse reactions to certain foods, even if they are supposedly good for them.

1)    Green Beans

Green beans are the full package. In fact, green beans are so healthy for dogs that some people make a sizeable portion of their fur baby’s daily food regimen. Just remember not to add salt or seasoning.

2)    Carrots

Carrots are wonderful snacks for your pup. Dogs can eat carrots several ways: raw, cooked, or even with the green tops still on them.

3)    Asparagus 

This vegetable has plenty of fiber, which can be good for a dog’s digestive health. As a snack, cooked asparagus is perfectly safe for dogs.

4)    Pumpkin

Vets often recommend pumpkin when a dog is constipated or has other digestive issues. Give your dog some canned pumpkin with their kibble to keep their digestive system running smoothly.

5)    Spinach

Spinach is rich in antioxidants, iron, and vitamin K. That’s what makes it so healthy for humans and a potentially beneficial part of your dog’s diet. Spinach can boost your dog’s immune system and energy levels, making for an all-around healthier pet.

Meat Your Dog Can Eat:

Your dog may love most kinds of meat—just make sure whatever cut you give your pet doesn’t have much fat on it. Food with high-fat content can easily make your dog gain weight. As far as land animals go, chicken is always a safe bet, especially when your dog has an upset stomach. 

1)    Chicken Broth

It’s not just the meat of the chicken that is good for your dog to eat. Bone broth, either homemade or store-bought, can help a dog with an upset stomach. However, be extremely cautious about the actual bones. If you are feeding your dog any type of meat, remove all bones before giving it to them. Ingesting the bones could cause a variety of problems for dogs like broken teeth, an injured mouth or an intestinal blockage that requires surgery. 

2)    Fish

Dogs can eat fish, so long as it isn’t raw. And certain types of fish are healthier for your dog than others. Salmon, ocean whitefish, and herring, for example, are fish that live short lives, so they have lower levels of mercury compared to fish near the top of the food chain like, say, swordfish. Fish is also a great source of protein for your dog if he or she has allergic reactions to other types of meat.