Men aren’t always good at expressing emotions, but if you are alert enough you can pick up these cues from him that suggest he is falling in love with you.

You must be able to pick up cues because he won’t always say it

He sends you text messages for no reason

The more he sends you messages, the more he cares about you. It just goes on to show how love-drunk he is. He may vie for your attention when he sends you mundane messages. Do not ignore them. Take them as a cue that he is falling for you.

He calls you just to hear your voice

He just loves to call you. He cannot resist calling you even if he doesn’t have a reason. He wants to hear your voice. He may call you and maybe not even speak much, but listen to what you have to say!

He texts fewer people

You may figure that he is giving you his sole attention and you may wonder why and how come. Understand that he has sobered down his social interaction because he is beginning to become love struck.

You hear his buddies giving him a hard time of late

You may hear a hint when he talks about how his friends feel he’s been behaving differently. They’re actually making astute observations about subtle behavioural changes that you may not have picked up on.

He sometimes talks rubbish just so that you can ask him what’s wrong

This can be at the later stages of being love struck. He tends to talk rubbish with the expectation that you ask him if everything is alright. He may be seeking attention. No guy says that straight up. Guys are masters of emotion masking.

He will text you just to stay in touch all day

If you see such quirky behaviour in a guy, do not be repulsed and wonder what’s wrong. You are wrong! ‘You’ happened to him. He cannot resist the thought of you and is falling in love.

There are times when the first time you seen him, you know he is the one for you. You get hooked up with him and before you know it you are getting serious. Time to slow down! Contemplate whether it is too risky that things have gone so fast. Love is clearly a risk, but letting it become an absolute blind risk is unwise. Taking your time and getting well-acquainted with the other person is the right way to go. Let us look at some pointers which may help you understand the risk of falling in love too quickly.

Analyze and scrutinize

Humans are the only species who can reason what they do. There is time to reflect on every decision we take. Only time will bring out our true personality hidden under the cloak of infatuation. Therefore, it is imperative that you take your time to decide whether he is right for you to share your love with.

Love is patient

If you are falling in love, then let time grow your securities. Giving a relationship time to blossom will only help it stay healthy and long lasting. If you wait, your partner’s weaknesses will eventually surface, and you will be in a better position to decide whether you are willing to accept them.

Love doesn’t happen at first sight, infatuation does!

There are some who are under the impression that love happens even at first sight. This is untrue. Falling in love has a lot to do with your heart and not with outward appearances. Appearance is only a trigger for you to be attracted to someone’s personality. And so, the next time you feel a certain good-looking person is good at heart, think again!

Falling in love is a risk. This is a given. But are you making this high risk, blind-sky-diving-with-no-parachute risk? Fall in love with your head and your heart! Not just your eyes!

Are you looking to hook up with a guy who you’ve had your eye on for quite a long time? You may not feel confident to approach him… well, there’s your problem, in fact. If he ever notices that you lack confidence, it can be a real turn off to any guy. While most claim that there is something called love at first sight, we beg to differ. He can fall in love with the way you look, and have a crush on you, but love you? Love is something more meaningful and the term has been thrown around wrongly too often.

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So here we look at steps in which you can build up your confidence to walk up to the man of your dreams and make him fall head over heels for you.

Love yourself

Love yourself before he can love you

Loving yourself is the first step towards being loved. If he sees that you love the way you look, he’ll perceive you to be confident. Everything we see and read on television and magazines gives us an unrealistic perception of what our bodies should look like. Instead, learn to love yourself just the way you are, and he will too.

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Love everything you do

Any boy will be much more likely to fall in love with you if you love what you do and feel more positive about the things in your life. If you make it known that you’re happy pursuing your interests, work, or career, then he’ll be more inclined to want to get to know you.

Melroy Day, a 21-year-old I.T. student feels that, “The biggest sickness society suffers from is ‘what will people say’. A girl who could get rid of this unreal expectation of society and love herself will be much more attractive to me.”

Get his attention

If you want a boy to love you, then you have to look like a fun person to be around. 19-year-old Maargi Mehta opines, “Whenever a guy sees you, you should have a big but genuine smile on your face, do something different, be fun to hang out with.”

Body language

Your Body language should send the right signals

You don’t want to be friend-zoned, do you? It’s important to get your body language right and not send him the wrong message from across the room. This can involve eye contact, standing upright and not showing any signs of nervousness.

Show something special

If you have a special talent, portray it. Highlight your strength and hide your weaknesses. He’ll love how you are different from others when you show him some skill that you may possess.

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Be mysterious

Don’t give him a chance to get to know you completely. Make him want to come back for more. Don’t tell him every story you know, make him want to ask you things. Don’t show too much excitement and he will long to hear from you!

You have to be patient. Love doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s surely worth the wait, because it is beautiful.

“Stop it! Stop barking you little pest!” How would you like to be treated that way? Well, dogs have emotions too. Not as much as we humans do, but if we call them man’s best friend, then we ought to treat them that way. Here are a few things that we say and do to our dogs that can crush their spirit.


Hitting a dog will make him fear you

Dominance and animal submission is a very outdated belief and training method. Hitting a dog does nothing but teach him that you are to be feared. Love is lost between you and the dog and he will not be the friend to you that you want him to be.

Take your dog’s food away while he is eating

Dogs should be left alone when eating. Many people view a dog who growls when eating as being greedy, but this is just a dog being a dog. Some dogs will bite out of fear or confusion, so let them eat in peace.

Not taking your dog for walks

Ignoring your dog in this way is going to make him feel lonely and unloved. A dog that is unloved will not love back. If you want something that lives yet requires no attention, other than to give it water and occasional sunlight, get a houseplant and not a pet.

Leaving the dog alone

Leaving your dog alone for excessively long periods of time is going to crush his spirit severely. If you are going out for a long time, seek the services of a family member, friend, neighbour, pet sitter, or dog crèche if you must leave the dog for long hours at a time. Nothing destroys a dog’s spirit like emptiness, so don’t do it.

The more you love your dog the more will he love you

If you own a dog, don’t own it! Be a friend, be a parent, but don’t be a boss. A dog is man’s best friend, not a slave!