Gone are the days when people used to write letters to each other, they met in small cafes for dates, recharged their mobile with SMS pack to send text messages to their loved ones and much more. Well, only an old school romantic like me can relate to this. 

It’s all in the past now. With the emergence of social media, the definition of love has changed. It’s more of using WhatsApp to send the first message to your crush, video calling, using Instagram to check out the pictures and much more. 

We bring to you some of the pointers that tell us how love is gauged in the time of Social Media

Likes, Comments, Favorites

The whole game of likes, comments and favorites can lead to insecurity and jealousy. The number of likes and comments on your crush’s post can lead to jealousy which leads to feelings of sadness and irritation. People even upload pictures or update their SM accounts on a daily basis just to draw the attention of their loved ones. 

Last seen on Whatsapp

“Why was he up till 3 a.m, who was he talking to”. These questions crop up in the mind when people see their loved ones online for long hours. It gets nastier when someone hides their last seen and it leads to doubts and fights among couples. 

PDA on Social Media 

Bollywood celebs like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are known for PDA on social media and giving their followers #CoupleGoals. It is cute but on the other hand, it leads to expectations among couples to indulge in PDA. They think that if they don’t show their love to the world on Social Media, there is no social acceptance.

DP’s on Social Media

Display pictures on social media can change the whole game. If you post a picture with your ‘best friend’, your partner can get jealous or if you hide your DP from someone, you get anxiety issues. People start thinking if their partner is hiding something and then it leads to trust issues. 

Love is a beautiful feeling and associating it with such things makes it lose its meaning. So guys, go out, love your partner with no apprehensions and enjoy this beautiful feeling.

Social Media is the new bible of today’s generation. Everything is on Social Media. From Photographs to Phones, facts to food, Buying/Selling, Celebrities, etc. In fact, people search “How to lose weight?” on Google before giving up their toxic habits and hitting the gym. Naturally, people turn to social media to look for motivation so that they could lose weight or even go to the gym. For example, people follow who they like or aspire to become like, they may follow actor SRK if they’re aspiring actors, girls tend to follow role models of their liking. And people who are trying to lose weight or be more pro-active, more of a fitness person should follow these lady bosses who are masters of fitness.

1) Ishwari Patil

If you’re interested in learning YOGA the right way then she’s the one to follow. Ishwari Patil, based in Mumbai, is a Women empowerment enthusiastic. She is trying to increase the awareness of benefits of Yoga and Fitness through her Instagram account. You can see her posing at different locations all over Mumbai, she also provides online consultation to the ones in need.

Instagram Account – @_ishwari_

2) Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal is a fitness freak being a mother. She goes by the name #FitMom or #Momwholifts. She is a fitness model and an inspiration to many. No one can guess that she’s a mother by looking at the pictures she posts on her account. From Weight Lifting to Cross fit, there’s nothing this lady can’t do.

Instagram account – @rashmiaagarwal

3) Surbhi Sharma

Surbhi Sharma is a Rhythmic Gymnast who also practices Yoga. Her Instagram feed is filled with her pictures doing all the extreme yoga poses with a smile on her face. She is on her journey to inspire and teach people the true meaning of Yoga.

Instagram Account – @_surbhisharma

4) Jinni Shaikh

Jinni Shaikh is one of the most hardcore lady bosses of all. She is an ESN Athlete who trains in heavy lifting. Her training videos will get you off of your couch and into the gym. A perfect role model and inspiration, she shares her experiences through her posts and her feelings of motivation and dedication through her captions.

Instagram account – @jinni_shaikh

5) Priya Chandra

A certified nutrition and Fitness consultant, Priya Chandra is a Body Transformation Specialist. She provides diet and workout schedule and guidance through her Instagram account online. She majorly posts videos of her working out for her followers for them to see and do it themselves.

Instagram account – @priya_chandra94

10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day all around the world and this year’s theme is young people and their mental health in a changing world. 

Being in your teen years may just be the hardest part of your life. Adulthood is a time of life when many changes occur, such as entering college, changing states for studies, or even looking for a new job. But out of all this, trying to know where you belong, what you like and where exactly you fit in can be a stressful job. It may be exciting for many but also be times of apprehension for some. 

In such times, these feelings of uncertainty, facing challenges or making decisions lead to mental illness. In all this, there comes the new technology, online technology. While many reap the benefits, and some are under pressure, it keeps on adding peer pressure, looking at other’s lives on social media, the happy lifestyle put many teenagers in depression and driving them to hate their lives. 

Many adolescents are also living in areas affected by humanitarian emergencies such as conflicts, natural disasters and epidemics. Young people living in situations such as these are particularly vulnerable to mental distress and illness.

All you need is understanding:

Prevention begins with being aware of and understanding the early warning signs and symptoms of mental illness. Parents and teachers can help build life skills of children and adolescents to help them cope with everyday challenges at home and at school. Psycho-social support can be provided in schools and other community settings and of course training for health workers to enable them to detect and manage mental health disorders can be put in place, improved or expanded.

Half of all mental illness begins at the age 14:

Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, but most cases go undetected and untreated. In terms of the burden of the disease among adolescents, depression is the third leading cause. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs among adolescents is a major issue in many countries and can lead to risky behaviours such as unsafe sex or dangerous driving. Eating disorders are also of concern.

Importance of awareness:

Fortunately, there is a growing recognition of the importance of helping young people build mental resilience, from the earliest ages, in order to cope with the challenges of today’s world. The evidence is growing that promoting and protecting adolescent health brings benefits not just to adolescents’ health, but to the society on a whole. 

On Twitter, people have been tweeting about mental health and how important it is of an issue, have a look!